USC Morning Buzz: A Former Coach Moves Up

Sometimes, former USC assistants actutally do move up the coaching ladder.

Scottie Hazelton, who was linebackers coach at USC in 2012, was named defensive coordinator at Michigan State. Hazelton was the defensive coordinator at Kansas State last season.

Before that, he was defensive coordinator at Wyoming.

Guess that year with Clancy Pendergast didn’t do too much damage. Also, he got to work with Ed Orgeron too.

3 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Former Coach Moves Up

  1. The USC DC in 2012 was still Monte Kiffin. Clancy didn’t become USC DC until 2013, after Hazelton left. Hazelton never worked under Pendergast.


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    1. Not so damn fast, marvienna. Monte and Clancy had lunch at Cole’s in 2012…and Hazelton came over to say ‘hi’ —but tripped on the way to their booth….and fell hard on the sawdust floor. This incident was widely covered by the world press (although ignored by the L.A. Times). Scott was [probably] pointing out that Hazelton wasn’t injured during this unfortunate interaction with Clancy.

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      1. Sure.

        And I once held the door open for a Playmate of the Month who stumbled walking through. I caught her before she hit the floor and she was so grateful she let me walk her through the lobby to the elevators while she chatted me up with her thousand watt smile and other measurements. Unfortunately, no LA Times photographer was present to capture the moment.




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