Here’s Why There Won’t Be Great Atmosphere At Galen Center

You will hear a lot of hype this week about making the Galen Center a “great atmosphere” for the USC-UCLA game Saturday.

But I haven’t seen a great atmosphere since both schools decided more than 10 years ago to ban the opposing schools’ band and cheerleaders from attending. And placing each team’s students in the rafters doesn’t help either.

Imagine going to a USC-UCLA football game and only the home team’s band/cheerleaders in attendance? You might think it’s great to ban UCLA at the Galen Center, but really there’s no point in that, and it diminishes both games.

I was at Pauley Pavilion when USC defeated UCLA in four overtimes in 1985. One of the lasting memories was the USC students who rushed the floor with brooms because the Trojans swept the Bruins that season. That was when USC students were down on the floor at Pauley Pavilion. Now you can barely see the floor from where the students get seated at Pauley.

Maybe Mike Bohn can fix this.

  • The KenPom metrics give USC a 69 percent chance of beating UCLA on Saturday at the Galen Center.
  • The once-dominant USC beach volleyball team lost to South Carolina and Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon!!!). The Trojans,ranked No. 4 nationally, are leading No. 3-ranked Florida State, 2-1, today.

14 thoughts on “Here’s Why There Won’t Be Great Atmosphere At Galen Center

  1. All things considered, it’s better if the bruins hear only varying degrees of the sounds of hatred at Galen….

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  2. I saw where the tickets are being discounted $10, for today only, to provide an animated environment. Hopefully the ruins find it very uncomfortable..

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  3. I too was at the 1985 SC vs. UCLA game at Pauley Pavilion which was one of the greatest wins in USC basketball because it meant something including a tie for the conference championship which no coach has been able to do at SC in quite a long time. For that reason Stan Morrison should go down as one of the best coaches in USC basketball history. Other coaches have recruited well off and on, but no coach has taken a team to the championship other than Morrison or Sam Berry. Importantly, Morrison did it without blue chip recruits with guys like Wayne Carlander, Larry Friend, Ron Holmes, Big Red Clayton Olivier and others.
    I did see improvement in Saturday’s game vs. ASU. The team for a change was ready to play, and let’s hope they do so vs. UCLA which will be a tough game to win. Perhaps, Enfield needs to learn that you don’t have to have 1 and done blue chip players to build a good program. We have no point guards so UCLA will press the entire game, but if we continue to play defense we can win this big game. Under Stan Morrison the players had to play defense and rebound, or they did not play regardless of how many stars they had in the recruiting process. I remember Gerry”Sir Jamelot” Wright sat at SC because he did not play any defense. Stan’s record at SC was not the best, but he again won a championship which is the bottom line. If Stan, had not been fired which is another example of poor decision making by the USC Athletic Dept. Bo Kimble, Hank Gathers, and Tom Lewis probably would have stayed, and for sure SC would have probably won a few more conference crown.

    Saturday’s game is a key game. Let’s hope the Trojans play smart basketball, and slow down a surging UCLA program which is trying to restore lost glory. FIGHT ON USC BASKETBALL!

    Dear Any Enfield and Staff! Please recruit some guards that’s what wins the close games in college basketball.

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  4. Decline in Beach Volleyball another example of Lynn Swann’s stupidity. He would not compensate Anna Biller Collier properly.


  5. Scooter,

    You did not give the reason why the ugly band will not be there nor there stinking squad of the cheerleaders, but I will. The stinking ruins officals decided to not allow SC’s band show up and play at polly pavilion because they wanted to sell the seats to the stinking fans. Since ugly would not let the SC band show up, then SC decided to do the same.


  6. Good point Scott. What I remember is that Howland didnt like it when he was at UCLA and barred USC’s band from coming to Pauley. So USC returned the favor and here we are.

    Get the bands back! (And while youre at it, get rid of the DJ.)


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