Just Say No To Hype Videos

Petros Papadakis expressed his frustration today with USC hype videos.

The hype videos start to roll out. I just have to say, for me personally it is really really hard to have to go through with all these motions because I remember last year, when they were selling their new attitude & their new work ethic. Selling their new attitude..it all led to what? An a** whoppin against Iowa in the Holiday Bowl.

It is damn fatiguing.

You can listen to the segment here.

6 thoughts on “Just Say No To Hype Videos

      1. So, I checked the SDS (not the students for a democratic society btw) website and saw they’ve had an OC IN PLACE….” Jeff Hecklinski, who has 21 years of collegiate coaching experience, including 11 seasons working under San Diego State football head coach Brady Hoke, has been named offensive coordinator at SDSU, Hoke announced on Jan. 31, 2020. Hecklinski will also coach the Aztec quarterbacks.”

        I’m wondering maybe it’s on a semester or trimester system and spring practice doesn’t start till the next semester, but I’d say that it looks like SDSU might not be where he ends up at this point.

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      2. Pudly, thanks for update. Interesting, as SDSU is on semester system, and their Spring term classes should be halfway done. I believe he has 2 years of eligibility left. I really thought he would wind up at SDSU, given it is a good program and not far from where he grew up.


  1. Those hype videos are specifically designed for the delusional USC football fans. Because regardless of what Clay Helton puts on the field year after year, they actually buy into the con game, and think the Trojans will be playing for a national championship 😂😂😂

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  2. I love those hype video presentations. It’s like shadow boxing. No opposition or real football, just a made for YouTube commercials. And if take one doesn’t work we’ll get it in take two.
    Trouble with this waste of practice time is the teams to play the outtakes during the game.

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