USC Notes

If in some fantasy land, you dream of USC being on NBC like Notre Dame, you need a real coach at the top. Not a piece-meal staff trying to prop up a coach.

  • Wide receiver Danny Ryan of St. Ignatius in San Francisco announced he will be a walk-on at USC next season.
  • Former USC tailback Reggie Bush turns 35 today.
  • USC odds to win the NCAA basketball title are 100-1 per Bovada.

10 thoughts on “USC Notes

    1. Yes, but a ridiculous chance. Andyain’twinning’s away game W/L record vs ranked opponents is something like 1 – 28. However, there’s no harm in wishing and hoping.

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      1. Again, f’ucla demonstrates that those who don’t actually earn their income don’t care how it’s spent. The athletic department can’t make ends meet, but does that mean they try and be effective in their recruiting?

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      2. A million spent on 2019 class. Thirty million on Chip.

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    2. The odds get better if we beat UCLA. And even better if we win 2 games in the Pac 12 Tournament. And they get WAY better if we beat LSU in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

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