An Accurate Galen Center Attendance

This is an interesting development: USC’s official attendance for Saturday’s basketball game was 7,622. This seems . . . accurate.

Capacity for the Galen Center is 10,258 but both sides of the upper deck had plenty of empty seats.

The attendance figure is surprising because normally USC football attendances are inflated by at least 10,000.

Some of these empty seats could have been reserved for students that never showed up because in past years the overflow students would be sent in this area for big games. It’s hard to believe that many people bought tickets and didn’t show.

25 thoughts on “An Accurate Galen Center Attendance

      1. Dear Pisley, in a close game @ Deadoux Field, UCLA eked out a 15 – 3 conquest of the eeny meeny Clownsters.

        So this weekend SUCCX went 1 – 3 against UCLA teams. How about them Bruins.


      2. Let me know when they really count…like yesterday.

        Can you still hear it from the Galen Ctr??

        Ding, Ding, Ding goes the Victory Bell.!!

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      3. The fact that USC won means his family had to put him on suicide watch and keep him away from sharp objects. Pathetic old snarky troll.

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      4. I always said I’d volunteer for suicide watch for some here…eh owns? Anytime you’re ready, I’d be glad to come watch!


    1. The old Clownish U excuses, excuses, excuses BS whine.

      Remind us ’67, what’s your SUCCX excuse for today’s bozo 15 – 3 baseball loss to UCLA. I’m told the Ump’s debated using the “mercy rule” to end it at the top of the 7th.

      But UCLA declined the Ump’s suggestion to see if the bozo could win the baseball game on another last-second heave.


      1. Owns, congrats on the baseball win. Looks like our baseball team is still a work in progress. What other sports besides baseball did the ruins win?

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      2. VERY deceiving score, gt! That game could have EASILY gone the other way…..

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      3. ucla baseball won fair and square today. Totally the opposite of the Wooden b-ball teams when mobster Sam Gilbert was plying his trade for the players.

        “ucla basketball should lose about 10 national championships and be on probation for about 100 years for what we did but never were investigated by the NCAA.” – Bill Walton

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      4. 67 — Bad news for Owns. ucla didn’t win “fair and square” today either. I’ll have more on this after the dust clears…..

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    2. Their incompetent AD Chianti Dan drove what fans they had away by quadrupling the season ticket prices 5 years ago, expecting to attract front runner fans with their blue chip QB Josh Rosen leading the ruins to the national title.

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      1. GT22 – Chianti Dan is the gift who keeps on giving. From the Mercury:

        “UCLA’s athletic fiscal situation is so dire that the department was required to take out a low interest loan from UCLA to balance the books. In other words, Dan Guerrero is retiring at a time when there is no longer any money in Athletic Department’s reserves.

        So much for Guerrero being a sound money manager.”

        And so much for the ruins hoping to buy out Chocolate Chip.

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      2. 67 — I’m told Chip —on a sugar high from eating 13 jelly donuts in a row across the street from the bruin theater — blurted out, “10 win seasons …or a bankrupt Athletic Department …. one’s just as good as the other!”

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    3. 67 —That link is going to give me nightmares: 2 bored and angry children (1) dragged to a bruin game, and then, (2) exposed to the ridicule and hatred that results from being photographed while there….

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      1. Michael, that photo says it all, doesn’t it? Empty seats all the way out to Nevada.

        I think what happened with that dad is that they thought it was a baseball game and they had hoped to camp out in the bleachers above left field for a home run ball.

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      2. 67 –Being a kind person by nature, you’re searching for excuses for this man’s treatment of his children. We need to face the truth —even when it’s painful: this man was living out some sick dream of bruin football glory at the expense of scarring his children (perhaps forever)….

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  1. Memo to: 22

    UCLA Women BB on 3/7, eliminated the bozo women from the P-12 women’s tournament.

    UCLA’s Beach Volleyball team defeated the bozo team.

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  2. I love it. SUCCX lucks out and wins a second straight game vs UCLA on a last-second heave and the Rah-Rah’s go Ape SH*T. They’re ding, ding, ding, dinging their bell, much like a lab rat hits a food button.

    And yet, and yet, SUCCX, with the 2019 #4 recruiting BB class finishes a game behind UCLA in the P-12 standing. Something things never change.

    Pac-12 tournament SUCCX prognostication: One and Done!

    Just think Rah-Rah’s after the big dance, the NCAA gonna drop a dime on the Clown U BB program. Po’, Po’ Andyain’twinning claims he didn’t know squat but he should have.


      1. Ha. Brilliant. Jingle, jingle, jingle replaces ding, ding, ding.
        [Pudly –I’m awfully glad we don’t have to say we lost big in football, we lost big in basketball at home —but we won in volleyball]….

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