Former USC Assistant Greg Burns Lands Job

Former USC secondary coach Greg Burns has been hired by Arizona as its new secondary coach.

Burns has now coached at six Pac-12 schools: Washington State, USC (twice), Arizona State, Cal, Oregon State and Arizona.

6 thoughts on “Former USC Assistant Greg Burns Lands Job

      1. 67, I’d like to see accurate, meaningful numbers that tells us a little more about passing stats. It seems to me that the team has fallen into a pattern of grabbing quick, early leads ( superior talent), then allowing the other team to run up big passing numbers during their comeback (lack of coaching adjustment/ inept coaching). Garbage ( possibly inflated) numbers against an aggressive turned prevent defense.

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      2. Perfect description of our game against UCLA, Arturo…

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      3. I think most of it was Clancy. He always wants to be in charge of the secondary even when theres a secondary coach. But I think each defensive coach was product of their environment being connected to Pendergast and it ultimately hurt whatever they had to bring to the table I’m guessing.


  1. I hope Greg Burns realizes that the only reason why Kevin Sumlin is still the head coach, is because Arizona didn’t have the money to buy him out. So I hope he’s renting instead of buying, because he’ll be looking for work again in December

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