USC Holds First Spring Practice

First, the Pac-12 announced it would not allow spectators at its basketball tournament beginning tomorrow except “limited family and friends.”

USC coach Clay Helton said JT Daniels is not medically cleared and will undergo an evaluation after nect week’s spring break. Tailback Markese Stepp, who has been wearing a walking boot, is out for spring, Safety Talanoa Hufanga (shoulder) is also not cleared. Wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown is currently out with a sports hernia.

Now the offensive line: Jalen McKenzie did not practice and Andrew Voorhes missed last season.

This was the first-team O-line to start the first practice: Left tackle Alijah Vera-Tucker, Left tackle Justin Dedich, Center Brett Neilon, Right guard Liam Jimmons, Right tackle Jason Rodriguez.

That ain’t going to cut it during the season.

11 thoughts on “USC Holds First Spring Practice

    1. It might not be Scott, USCDude —Helton/Dresno might be toying with idea of no left guard this season….

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      1. Ha! [Can’t you just see the NEW Helton —shaved head, braided beard, leather vested, beefed up to 410 lbs — telling an ESPN former swimsuit model, now sideline reporter: “What’s the matter, ding-a-ling, ain’t you never seen a centerless formation before?”]….


  1. Stepp had surgery in late October and he is still in a boot?

    He was originally reported to be out “3-5 weeks”, and it has been nearly 5 months, and still not full range of motion of the joint?

    I never bought the “3-5 weeks”, but 5 months and still in a boot means something must have happened during surgery or recovery.

    Sending best wishes to the big fella. Great kid and also a great talent. Hope he comes back strong in the summer.

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    1. It looks like the same old same old, 67. I can’t count the # of times one of Helton’s players has gone down, been told he was out for a month —and not played again.

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      1. Michael, they rushed Porter Gustin back a few days after having a screw inserted into his toe. He torqued his foot so much in practice that the screw broke, another surgery, and I don’t believe he was ever the same player again.

        With an ankle surgery, worst case for a guy his age should be something like 6-8 weeks non-weight bearing, then gradual transition back to normal footwear, and sports activities after that. In any case, it is hard to see why he would still be in a boot 5 months after surgery. Hopefully it is not a bone that is failing to heal, or something else odd that would be delaying his recovery.

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      2. I hear ya, 67. I heard somebody on ESPN talking about the fact Porter had bulked up to the point where his ankles and feet couldn’t support the muscle — okay, maybe total bullshit —but we need to believe ESPN, no?
        Seriously, though, I was thinking more of cases like Daniel Imatorbhebhe and Kenny Bigelow —-guys who were initially said to be out for a game or two—and NEVER played again (well, now Daniel may be back —2 years later),

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  2. Want to know what else ain’t gonna “cut it during the season,” Flow? Both “nect” and two left tackles! Welcome back to jackass season! And so early, Flow!

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  3. Let’s all pretend that all it takes is for Tim Drevno to coach up the Offensive lineman that he has, and everything will be alright. That’s all I’ve been reading on the different USC social media sites…😂😂 So many fans are delusional, and refuse to acknowledge theIr team’s weakness, and that includes Bozo Helton himself

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    1. Oh, shit —-he said it! He actually said it again! The first words out of Helton’s mouth during the post practice presser were: “Aaron Ausmus has the players bigger and stronger than ever.” You’d think he’d be so sick of saying that on Day One each year —right before he announces 30 players are missing spring ball due to injury.


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