USC Morning Buzz: Coronavirus Appears To Claim Scrimmage

With USC extending its online-only classes until April 14, it looks like the spring game on April 11 will be another casualty of the coronavirus.

I mentioned Wednesday that USC was still letting recruits attend practices this week. Ohio State took a different approach and announced it would suspend official and unofficial visits to its campus through April 20.

“The one thing that we will always do is protect our students and our student-athletes,” Clay Helton said Wednesday.

What about recruits?

  • The good news for USC on Wednesday was QB Kedon Slovis saying he was 100 percent healthy.

“Last week was when I started throwing 100, 150 balls,” Slovis said.

  • USC plays Arizona at 2:30 p.m. (PT) in a quarterfinal game of the Pac-12 Tournament on the Pac-12 Network.

30 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Coronavirus Appears To Claim Scrimmage

    1. gt — not only did UCLA cancel all in person classes, it announced that all students would be “rewarded with A+’s for the classes they no longer had to attend” (and encouraged students to “enroll in more classes during this grading bonanza!”)…

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  1. The panic over this is beyond comprehension. Most of the people who have died are over 80, so if you’re lets say over 70, STAY HOME.

    The virus was probably in the US before anyone knew it, people got it, got over it and thought nothing of it. The flu kills thousands EVERY YEAR yet no one panics.

    The NBA is done, the NHL is probably next, look for MLB to start the season late, will the MLS cancel as well ? When will movie theaters close up ? Malls ? Gyms ? The list is endless.

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    1. karma –The reality probably is lots and lots of people will suffer through 10 days of something like a bad case of the flu. It’s not like everyone in the USA will get Lupus. I’m reminded of the line in Ian Fleming’s Dr. No where James Bond — cut and bruised and suffering from a couple of broken ribs —-is trying to escape from No’s torture factory and says, “Nothing that’s happened to me is going to kill me. If I was found in this condition after an airplane crash they’d say ‘look at this guy only cuts and bruises and a few broken bones, this is a fucking miracle!'”

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      1. All the other Corona viruses are very seasonal, so if this one is as well, then it should taper off soon as the weather starts to warm.

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      2. The majority of revenue comes from television —not ticket sales. Are they worried about giving the virus to the people watching at home?

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      3. 67 –Getting this thing is not a death sentence. But for a variety of reasons, the media is treating it as though it is. Keep your head, guys.

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      4. Swine flu, 60 million had it, 300,000 hospitalized, 3600+ died, no panic and no one even remembers it, 2009 and who was the prez?

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      5. Michael, a buddy of mine currently living in Florence, Italy says it is total lockdown there. Military are patrolling streets and arresting those who try to leave the quarantine area.

        Whole situation is nuts.

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      6. Averaged over the last 5 years per CDC data, there are 30 million flu cases, 400,000 hospitalizations, and 30,000 deaths. And as BK notes, people don’t seem to talk about it whatsoever.

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      7. 67 –This is why Sicilians (like me) don’t pay any attention to the government in Rome —they lurch from non action to overreaction….

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      8. PGA bans spectators from tournaments until April 3rd, tournaments will be played, NHL is done just hasn’t made it official yet

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    2. I can always count on BK to tell it like it is!

      Thank you.

      As the Equity Markets are in near free fall from an irrational panic, we gotta ask ourselves, “when should I buy?” Ya’ think Warren Buffett is panicking?

      While I cannot practice medicine over the internet, I do feel that a nice quaff of small batch bourbon each night will keep said COVID19 at abeyance.

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      1. Bourbon — Nice piece. No reason for panic. This too shall pass. The last time I looked, the Chinese Stock Market was doing fine. What the fuck is with that?
        Sometimes, even though the ‘experts’ are telling you something with absolute certainty, you just KNOW they’re wrong. 20 years ago, while going thru a case of the flu, I had to have some blood tests for a job I was applying for —and I got an ultrasensitive CRP score of 30 or something like that (it’s “supposed” to be zero). The goofy doctor went “oh, this is so serious.” I said “I don’t care.” She said “but you could have a terrible anti-immune problem!” I said “I don’t care.” She upped the ante and said “you could die!” I said “I don’t care.” I knew I was gonna be fine and I knew she didn’t know what the fuck she was talking about. If I let her start a bunch of bullshit testing, I’d still be getting tested.

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      1. gt –The nauseating thing is Helton actually used this as an opportunity to suck up: “I want to thank President Folt and Mike Bohn for being proactive, not reactive.” What other coach talks like this?

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      2. “Putting on some clothes, I made my way to school
        I found my teacher crouching in his overalls…”
        Yes, karma, that about covers it….



    I predict USC’s football team will be undefeated this year under the Helton and the new coaching staff. Even with Alabama on our schedule.

    Qualifier: The football season is suspended prior to the start of the 2020-2021 season secondary to coronavirus.

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    1. Just the opposite, Craig….


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