BetOnline Adds Odds For USC And A Golden Era For Uniforms

I said I would find out what USC’s odds are to win the 2021 NCAA Tournament and BetOnline tells me the Trojans are 50/1.

That means they are lumped with all the other teams — including UCLA — that it doesn’t know what to do with so it simply puts 50/1.

Warning, four photos below!

  • With basketball the topic, here’s one of my favorite USC basketball photos, which is from the 1974-75. I love the uniforms, the warm-ups, the socks and, yes, even the Sports Arena with some fans.

And the uniform looked even better in cardinal and gold, as shown in the second picture of Clint Chapman in 1973.

Then you have Gus Williams in a rare USC uniform with gold numbers and letters.

Another nice touch was the “SC” on the shorts worn by Cliff Robinson in 1979.


9 thoughts on “BetOnline Adds Odds For USC And A Golden Era For Uniforms

      1. i bet creepy old Joe would have knocked this problem out of the park in 5 minutes right Owns? That poor fuck doesn’t know his right hand from his left, what state he is in and what office he is running for. If the best the Dims can do is Joe Biden, well, fill in the blanks….

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      2. gt –Unfortunately the crowds have tripled since the ‘social distancing’ mandates were announced…..


      1. terrific –I wouldn’t mind seeing the uniforms brought back exactly the way they were…


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