Kedon Slovis vs. Alabama Sounds Interesting But For How Long?

Another long-time USC fan called me today and expressed reservations over Kedon Slovis playing against Alabama.

“They can’t keep him healthy and won’t beat Alabama, so it’s better to sit him out,” the fan said.

It’s an idea that will be scoffed at by many. But when you consider Slovis’ history of injuries last season; the offensive line’s lack of talent and Alabama’s defense, it’s at least a legitimate concern.

14 thoughts on “Kedon Slovis vs. Alabama Sounds Interesting But For How Long?

    1. In the ’16 Bama game, several Trojans on both sides of the line seemed to give up after the first quarter. They weren’t prepared for what hit them, despite the fact that there was a ton of O-line and D-line talent/potential talent on the ’16 team.

      Markese Stepp and Kedon Christon should be Thunder and Lighting 2.0. Establish the running game with those guys and instruct Slovis to throw the ball quickly if needed. That is what the spread is supposed to facilitate.

      Because the ’17, ’18, and ’19 recruits were highly rated on average, Trojans should be competitive in this game. Should be. Can’t show up 4 years later and lay another egg like in ’16.

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    2. Megatron — In every fight against a superior opponent there exists a way of evening out the odds —usually it involves doing something borderline illegal…

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      1. Michael, sounds like this would need to go beyond the level of deflating a football or two?


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      2. 67,
        Bobby Bowden called it “rushing the quarterback right up to the last echo of the whistle..” …….
        #TheyDid(&WillDo)ItToUs….. TimeToDoItBack….

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  1. USC will be breaking in two new mediocre offensive tackles against Alabama, who have never played in a game, but will be facing top SEC pass rushers. So I don’t care how good of an arm Keaton Slovis has, he’ll have difficulty getting the ball off. And of course, they can’t mix it up with the running game, because the Trojans haven’t had one since Bozo Helton took over, and it was buried deeper into the playbook when Grahm Harrell was hired.


  2. Enough of the B.S. just let J T Daniels start as Quarterback Against Alabama because Gomer He’ll ton kisses JTs as s. JT got Injured Last season so what different s does it make if Jt gets INJURED


  3. maybe they could go single wing, all tight ends that block and receive,and all running backs that can block and receive, and have Matt as the running q/b that can also pass.

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  4. Wow. Seriously. Any idea how absurd that sounds. At a time where we need something positive to inspire us, you give us this garbage. Of course many will ‘Scoff” at the idea; for good reason.


    1. do you know what the word ‘facetious’ means?
      sc has no blocking line ,never uses tight ends…they never could have played 50’s football, plus they would have to play defense also…


  5. I guarantee in secret that no USC QB except Fink wants to start against Alabama. He is only one to have something to prove.


  6. As a starter, JT Daniels is a fantastic choice, he’s dedicated, and symbolizes all that is great with Trojan Football right now.

    He’ll probably start the season, especially after we run the “QB competition” in the Fall practices – without tackling, of course.



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