USC Notes: What Can A Coach Do These Days?

I spoke to a USC coach who was on campus yesterday.

“I only saw one other coach, it’s pretty quiet,” he said. “You can’t do much. Maybe work out. That’s it. And recruit over the phone. Actually, I watched some film for next year. Football coaches will be watching a lot more film preparing for next season than usual. We do it anyways but now it’s like the only thing to do.”

  • Here’s another “Player of the Week” illustration. This time it’s quarterback Rudy Bukich, following USC’s 31-0 victory over Northwestern. In those days, he was called a “tailback.” He was MVP of the 1953 Rose Bowl. Some of you might remember his son, Steve, played QB at UCLA in the 1970’s.
  • Utah has extended its football season-ticket renewal to May 13.

5 thoughts on “USC Notes: What Can A Coach Do These Days?

  1. I’d love for a particular coach, and his offensive coordinator to type up a letter of resignation during the down time. But I know it’s only a pipe dream 😭

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  2. Scooter,

    The coach can watch film, talk to his players on their assignments through facetime or text, call recruits,, write letters to recruits, view film of recruits, watch film of upcoming opponents, see if the players are working out and doing their studies. Then work out.

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  3. ’53 MY FIRST ROSE BOWL GAME…he threw the only score,TD pass to Al Carmichael…SC beat Wisconsin and their all American FB Alan ‘the horse ‘Ameche…SC had one of the top ranked defenses and a top 5 team that yr…they played 60 mins no platoon football. That game can be found and watched on the internet…and yes like ucla it was a single wing team.


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