USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Hopeful Workouts Can Resume

Clay Helton spoke to CBS Sports on Friday and didn’t give up on the idea of some type of workouts or practices taking place at some point this offseason.

“Hopefully we do get the opportunity to garner some time we lost in the spring,” Helton said. “The Pac-12 has already had a task force get together. We’ll get back to football at some point in time.”

  • Helton said the unexpected free time is allowing the coaching staff to evaluate Class of 2022 recruits on film.
  • Asked about the QB competition, Helton said, “We’re in a great situation . . . to have that type of quality at the position. It’s a great problem to have, i can promise you that.”

This is the standard answer even though the coaches already know Kedon Slovis is the starter.

26 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Clay Helton Hopeful Workouts Can Resume

  1. I wish more people would ask Clay Helton about his offensive line, and how he thinks it will hold up against Alabama with two first year starters at the tackle positions. Because I’m missing his comedy spins, and talking about that topic will bring out the best in Helton 😂

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      1. Helton’s new “bring the juice” mantra reminded all of us, once again, of his junior high school approach to life. The guy probably shouldn’t be allowed to give his opinions on God or Family or Football. All three topics are way above his empty head. To retain a man with such a meager bag of tricks is beyond comprehension.

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      1. Congrats — you got the whole Helton preseason routine into ONE sentence…..

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  2. Screw the Alabama football game let JT Daniels start. Have SLOVISready for the Pac 12 Season the KEY is Winning the Pac 12 make Slovisthe Starting Quarterback then…..Win the Pac 12 then Play in a Very good Bowl Game. .this should Key for the 2020 season if there is 1

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    1. I’m not sure bozo FB is capable of winning the 2020 P-12 CS. It’s virtually the same team blown out by Iowa, 49 – 24, at the Holiday Bowl. And, worse, the bozo O’Line will be wearing diapers. The upshot, SUCCX’ defense will crap out in competitive games near the end of the 3rd quarter. This situation isn’t a good recipe for CS bozo FB.

      #just spitballin’ as it were.

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      1. This is the first I’ve heard about the O-Line wearing diapers in 2020.

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    1. I’m sure, if you asked Mike Bohn, he’d give you a big YES to that question, Arturo. [Ya know what would be cool? If Bohn took the lead on this, contacted the NCAA when the virus subsides and said we’re rescheduling practices for July unless they have articuable objections (instead of waiting for another phone call from Larry Scott). But we KNOW that’s not how Bohn operates. He’ll wait to hear from the “Task Force”….

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  3. Who is this “justowns” guy? CS? SUXX? What is that? What does it mean?
    Why is he here? He sounds like an even bigger idiot than I am.
    Then again, I am a multi-millionaire.


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    1. Money and IQ are mutually exclusive. Hchelton, you do get points for manning-up. You’re the first SUCCX Rah-Rah to gaily proclaim your frail mental health.


    2. hchelton — I can assure you —with 100% confidence — that no one is a bigger idiot than you are…..

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  4. Lately, winning FB in the P-12 conf. is no big deal. For instance, the 2019 bozos were blasted by Iowa, 49 – 24 at the Holiday Bowl. That slaughter seems to belie the quality of SUCCX 5 year, P-12 FB, .710 WP!


    1. Actually, the Chocolate Chippie Doctrine reads –“Pac 12 LOSSES are no big deal –[let me demonstrate how it’s done]!”

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    2. My Dear Pisley, resting the bozo FB reputation on defeating UCLA is like claiming Will Feral is a comedy genius.

      I ask you, Dear Pisley, which rival team holds the record for the most consecutive winning rivalry FB games.

      #Somewhere on earth, it’s 13 minutes to 9.


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