Odds To Win Pac-12 Title

Here are the latest odds to win the Pac-12 title per DraftKings.

9/4 – Oregon

11/4 – USC

11/4 – Washington

9/2 – Utah

14/1 – Washington State

16/1 – Arizona State

20/1 – UCLA

25/1 – Arizona

30/1 – Cal

50/1 – Stanford

66/1 – Oregon State

80/1 – Colorado

8 thoughts on “Odds To Win Pac-12 Title

  1. The cut that DraftKings take (including administrative expenses, etc.) is

    To see this, I added up the implied probabilities of winning

    Oregon has a 31% chance of winning (9 to 4 odds)
    USC and Washington have a 27% chance (11 to 4 odds
    Utah has 18% chance (9 to 2 odds).

    That adds up to about 103% chance of winning just for the top 4 teams.

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    1. Ha! The Pac 12 Title is as good as ours!

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      1. 67 — Wanna hear something hilarious? I just got censored for apologizing for the double “ons” in my sentence…..

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