USC Lands Basketball Commitment

Reese Waters, a 6-5 shooting guard from St. Bernard High School, announced he committed to USC.

Waters is a four-star Class of 2021 prospect. He also had offers from San Diego State, Stanford, Cal and Santa Clara.

19 thoughts on “USC Lands Basketball Commitment

  1. Good news, Scottie. Scouts are high on him:

    ” If Reese Dixon-Waters can continue to add to his ball skills and improve as a primary ball handler, his stock will go to next level. As it is, he’s a quality high major starter with NBA upside.”

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      1. Also for what it’s worth on the recruitment of #5 Overall Player In The Nation Ziaire Williams SF Sierra Canyon. (The kid knows how to score)

        This was the last thought after stating why Arizona could get Ziaire and where he ends up signing…..”At this point, I believe Williams ultimately will choose to stay close to home and pick USC, but I will never count out Miller and Arizona in this type of situation.” —Ā Matt Moreno,Ā
        If Ziaire Williams signs with USC to join Evan Mobley than USC has potential to be the best team in the conference and possibly make a run in the tournament.

        USC is involved in the recruitment of a potential tranfer from Santa Clara Tahj Eadyy SG 6-3 average 12.3 pts per game.

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      2. I hope so.
        As expected, Okongwu declared today for the NBA so we need some fire power beyond Evan Mobley and Ziaire would be the best all around player that we’ve had next to Evan. Plus losing the point production from Rakocevic is also another reason why we really need him and another reason for Ziaire to want to come to USC and be a premier focus of the team.

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    1. 67,
      Upon reflection, that last second win over UCLA [combined with no embarrassing NCAA Tournament losses] is really helping recruiting…..

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      1. As Andy used to say, “You think I can’t recruit? Have you ever seen my wife?”

        Overused, yes, but still a good one…

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  2. I didn’t get to put this together with my first comment. It wasn’t added for some reason but the prediction from Rivals on Ziaire Williams …..Early on, Stanford was so far ahead of the game and Williams was under the national radar enough that it looked like the Cardinal would get a commitment before much of the country realized how special a prospect he was.

    “However, they weren’t able to squeeze a commitment out of him early and predictably, everybody in America tried to jump in.

    “But, things have settled back down and at this point I don’t see much of a chance that Williams leaves Pac-12 country which keeps Stanford in the game. Over the summer, Arizona seemed to be the team charging while all along USC has been quietly plugging away.

    “From the very first time I spoke with Williams, he has mentioned how important his family is to him and he talked about how he had friends at USC. The Trojans have now proven they can showcase one and done type players and based on what I’ve heard over the last few months, I still give the Trojans the edge and my FutureCast remains with them.” —Ā Eric Bossi,Ā National Basketball Analyst



    Ā Ā 

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      1. Unless Sean Miller pays him like he did to get DeAndre Ayton. He says being close to home is important. How close? I think now with the coronavirus we may just have gotten a little help. I think even if he gets into Stanfors he’s not going because what good does a year of Stanford do for a one and done so not happening.

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