USC Podcast Time

This podcast focuses on stories from the USC-Texas game and includes some stories from the 2005 Heisman Trophy ceremony plus some crazy stories from the Carroll era.

17 thoughts on “USC Podcast Time

  1. Some guy on Fox News said that the Covid 19 mortality rate in the US is 6%. In Europe, it is around 9%. The Flu is below 1%. even with a vaccine.



      1. 67, this is the kind of talk that is good to listen to- facts. I just found it interesting that someone on Fox would present these numbers as factual. It will, in all likelihood, never be determined what the mortality rate is and for whom. We know that Seniors are more vulnerable ( Italy has an older population) as are those with pre-existing conditions. I am not afraid to die, but do worry about my 9 and 10 year old. In the end, I have to have more faith in God.


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      2. Arturo, there is a lot of misinformation out there, which compounds the problem that there is still a lot to be learned about the virus. But your young fellas should be as safe as anyone. More often than not, kids are asymptomatic.

        Stay well, brother.

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      1. Hi Pudly —In my own inarticulate way I was trying to say that, unsurprisingly, we’re counting everybody who dies after testing positive for covid 19 as a covid 19 “death” — that’s not what Russia or China, for example, are doing. A lot of other countries are distinguishing between dying OF covid 19 and dying WITH it.

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    1. Arturo, ‘67 is right on with his analysis. The numbers will never be accurate, they’ve politicized this whole situation (not going into it further) and many who e been recently departed, might have actually died of the underlying conditions they suffered and because they tested positive for the virus were also counted…but trust the fact that if universal testing ever truly starts, the numbers will be lower. Much lower.

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      1. Not that this is a medical blog, but Pudly makes a huge point about comorbidities. The fatality rate is about 8-10 times higher if an individual has an underlying condition, particularly heart/lung or blood pressure issues.

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      2. Blood pressure (and it’s related problems like arterial sclerosis) seems to be the top underlying cause. Should probably also mention that of those tested (NY) almost 60% are negative for the virus still.
        NY is just not practicing social distancing very well based on the reports I’ve seen.

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      3. Howdy. Getting outta bed on Maui. Here are a few (rather tardy observations). I wasn’t surprised to learn that we (USA) are counting ALL deaths in which a person tests positive for Covid 19 as “Coronavirus-related deaths.” Everyone needs to meditate on that fact for a moment. This is not the way most other countries are not doing their counts. Be that as it may, I understand the temptation of our medical establishment to do their tabulating this way. We don’t have the resources to do autopsies on everyone who dies after testing positive. But the fact we (1) have no way of knowing the actual denominator we should be using in calculating lethality percentages and (2) have no way of knowing how many people are actually dying of something else —should give people some pause. It’s time to, at least, listen to the family members you read about everyday who are complaining that their parents died of long pre-existing conditions —not the coronavirus they tested positive for. It’s also time to wonder why influenza deaths are way down —could it be that they’re simply being listed as Covid 19 deaths?
        These high end, probably inflated numbers are causing the government to take actions that are, eventually, going to sting people with private and public pensions. That’s not where my money is —but I really worry about all these innocent people being screwed by inflated Covid 19 numbers.

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  2. First time I was able to listen to more than a few seconds of this podcast. Scottie, nice job. Great details and insights about the ’06 Rose Bowl and updates about Sultan McCullough’s recovery.

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