USC Morning Buzz: Ranking Win Totals For Coaches

With Caesars Palace ranking USC’s over/under for victories at 8 games, which I find to be low, let’s imagine what Caesars would do with some other coaches in the job.


Clay Helton 8 victories

A mannequin 9*

Ed Orgeron 10

Urban Meyer 11

*Remember the mannequin does no harm, so it is always listed above Helton.

  • USC has committed to fully pay employees who cannot work from home or had their hours reduced through May 13, which is the end of the spring semester.

It was a smart move, especially after the uproar last week over USC buying Carol Folt an $8.6 million house in Santa Monica.

19 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Ranking Win Totals For Coaches

  1. USC has never been a dominating team under Clay Helton, regardless of the talent advantage. So if anything, an eight win season is a generous prediction. Because the Trojans could easily be defeated by Arizona State, Washington, Utah, and a improved Stanford team. But SC will definitely lose to Notre Dame, Alabama, and Oregon.

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    1. With that easy Pac 12 schedule thanks to rebuilding years for UW, Stanford and Oregon, SC could win all their games if the Alabama game gets cancelled. Then no way Folt lets Bohn-head fire Hugs.

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      1. I agree gt. Alabama is now the only team on the schedule that looks like a serious problem. There are those who think that’s WHY we need to face off with them—and the animal side of my brain strongly identifies & sympathizes with that viewpoint. The animal brain –at it’s finest — is the strongest force in the universe……

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      2. gt —We’ll take Notre Dame this year…

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  2. I’m surprised it is as high as 8.

    The Urban Meyer O/U would be no higher than 10 – no way it could be 11, as Scottie estimates, as Trojans play ‘Bama, ND, and Oregon… There would be no over takers at 11 wins.

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    1. this just isn’t true. Urban Meyer, took over a 6 win ohio state team and only had a team so bad that it won ONLY 11 games once in his 7 years there. Urban has beaten ND and Oregon handily every time. he could smash either of those with any roster in d1. Alabama… its a toss up.

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  3. USC ‘FAN?’
    If SC can easily be beat by furd this year then the moon is made of green cheese. Furd might be able to get to 5-7 if they’re lucky.

    Easily be bean by AZst & udub? Doubt it.


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  4. lets not forget that 11 wins for urban meyer is an uncharacteristically bad year.
    His first year as an hc he took over a 2-9 team and went 8-3 and won all his biggest games including a season opener AT missouri.
    His first year at OSU he inherited a 6-7 team but won all 12 games (0 losses) and would have won more but they were post-game sanctioned from the previous staff

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