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I will be guest on the Petros and Money show today around 3:30 p.m. I’m guessing the topic will the JT Daniels.

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  1. “Just Transfer” Daniels will have to go. He will only be a back up to Slovis. He is too slow in reading and getting rid of the ball

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    1. pt — I bet a big reason for how late J. T. was on half his passes was he was watching the ball roll along the grass to him after one of Toa’s snaps.

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  2. If JT Daniels has any talent at all, then he’ll end up on Lane Kiffin’s roster, because that region rarely produces decent quarterbacks.

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  3. Never seen an old man so obsessed with a teen. JT obviously found you very creepy when you tried to explain NAMBLA laws a few years back. Bet he’s very worried your blog will reveal the real JT!


    1. Very astute point. We all know anyone [and everyone] who covers college athletics is sick. Why else would they do it? I especially hate the way they’re always trying to act like they care about sports —when their real motives are SO obvious…..

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  4. I’m shocked that Pasadena states that JT is too slow. 420 doesn’t seem to work for you. Where’s your assessment coming from? I know that 2 yeanrs ago JT had garbage “Gumbo “ for an offensive system. You do remember that Moron head coach called the plays in the last three games all losses. JT put 14 points on Cal in first quarter and the Asshole helt— could NOT call a play the rest of the game. JT game vs Notre Dame rewatch it. I’m sure that you would agree that his first half against Fresno State was excellent prior to injury. Those of you that have anointed Slovis as savior- “ should hold your horses “ who has he really beaten? I’m positive that if USC beats Alabama & Kedon is still upright then you can start your praise. I’m amazed that JT to St. Brown isn’t still in your memory bank. I’m at a loss for words if people don’t understand that if JT leaves forget Rose Bowl and say hello to El Paso’s Sun Bowl. P.S. if he leaves- Mississippi State & Leach will make him a millionaire against SEC competition.

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    1. This ^^^^^ is your brain on crack.

      Neither of those girls Daniels and Slovis can take a hit, they’re both in over their head just like their head coach


    2. Frist off JT never ran a 4.20 (I assume that’s what you meant) I coach sprinters and ran 4.38 electric my self and he couldn’t break 4.95 downhill in a tailwind. He is not athletic what so ever for a D1 athlete. Running mechanics are poor, throwing mechanics are really poor (feet were never set nor moving over his lead leg even when he was not under pressure) low bent arm release. All these things should be square in HS but never should show up as a starter in college. You are right Bobby, watch the tape. Fresno st. first 20 scripted plays 7 for 10 i believe. Once off script I think he was 4 of 11 and miss a couple of gimmes. I am sure as i am standing here, JT would not have had near the year Kedon did if he stayed healthy. And those are just the throwing stats and leadership. He would never have been able to keep many of those plays alive with his lack of skill or creativity. P is right. When kids get a pass in a program, it starts the downfall of said program. There rest of the team picks up on it and things spiral form there. He was the 3rd best QB in camp last year, if that. And he couldn’t even fall back on a good previous season.


    3. Bobby,

      I am not a qb expert. But from what i have observed, he could not pull the trigger fast enough. That is due to line play and him reading the defense. It could because of youth. But if observed carefully, he wanted either the long ball or to see a wide receiver wide open. He is average at foot speed. He throws off his back foot around 80% of the time instead of stepping into the throw. This is due to either his line sucks and he knows it and doesn’t want to get hit or he is afraid and not sure of his mechanics. Maybe he is different in practice. But in game time, at the level of play, you have to be at the top of the game. When Sears stepped in against ASU, he knew what to do with the ball and his mechanics were and are better than Daniels. Sears should have been the starter. Daniels did have a pretty good game against Fresno, but once again his tarm is out a different type of throwing motion than normal and he is throwing off his back foot and he it slow on deciding where to go with the ball. With Sears and Slovis, the ball is gone in 1.5 seconds. Daniels will take up to 4 seconds to decide what to do and throw the ball. The disadvantage for Daniels is that in high school he ran more of a pro style offense while Slovis ran the same type of offense SC runs now. Bottom line, is Slovis and Sears are better than Daniels. Either one will beat Daniels in live game action. This is my opinion. Thank you.


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