USC Saturday Buzz: Is This Where JT Daniels Should Go?

If JT Daniels can accept not going to a marquee program, how about Western Kentucky?

Western Kentucky coach Tyson Helton obviously knows Daniels. And Bryan Ellis was Daniels’ quarterback coach during his freshman season at USC.

The question is whether he can accept going to a lower=profile program and whether he would actually beat out the other quarterbacks.

17 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Is This Where JT Daniels Should Go?

  1. There is good news on the horizon. NFL spokesmen are discussing playing the games without fans in the stadiums and with less “interaction among the players.” Does this mean getting rid of the idea of tackling?

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  2. Western Kentucky will be JT Daniels third transfer, after he realizes he’s not who he thinks he is. But at least he has a last alternative, where he’ll be handed the position without competing 😀

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    1. I don’t think so —I have a hunch J. T. is looking for a quarterback coach he’s never seen before…somebody without the last name of Helton….

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    2. Why are you guys knocking a hard working USC college student who loves the school and is trying to recover from a serious injury? If you want to knock Swann and Haiden please go at it. They deserve it. But this young man does not. Support our Trojan athletes. Even if they have an eye on the portal.

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      1. Totally agree. [But —in all sincerity — I think J. T. is looking for a QB coach without the last name of Helton. Harrell said he couldn’t believe how little footwork had been stressed before he got here. QB’s have to be able to throw, sure, but they also have to know how to move around].

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    3. J.T. Daniels wants to transfer because the starting QB job at USC isn’t being handed to him. The Highly Overrated QB is afraid to have to actually compete for the job for once in his life. Daniels would rather abandon his teammates and flip the bird to a university that offered him nothing but opportunity.



  3. How come some enterprising SAE can’t train Tirebiter to pee on a fire hydrant that says U.C.L.A. on the side facing ruinville?
    Or a hydrant shaped like a furd tree?

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  4. If you go to TRANSPARENTCALIFORNIA.COM & check out the highest overpaid hairballs in this state…it’s comprised of a lot of coaches & unbelieveably lucky, overpaid gubbermint cheese.
    Why aren’t they stepping up & giving back?


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    1. Where were you when (R) Arnold Schwarzenegger was running up a $27 Billion Dollar Budget Deficit? Now that there’s a surplus, brought upon by democrats, you want to give out financial advice? GTFO! Idiot

      California Politics: A Primer

      Renee B. Van Vechten · 2015 · Political Science

      Arnold Schwarzenegger’s approach to governing involved centrist appeals to Californians … also be remembered for a jawdropping $27 billion budget deficit that mushroomed on his …


    1. CAL75,
      I could save the UC system some money, fire the munchkin Napraltono from her poistion and hire you for 1/2 the pay. You would do a better job than her. Take it as a compliment. No, you cannot hire Just Rent as a janitor. He doesn’t have the skill sets to push a broom. All he is good for his serving fries.


      1. You could save the UC system some money? How, by modeling your stupidity after the other republican idiots who put California in the red with what would eventually be a $27 Billion Dollar Deficit?

        In addition to the $24 billion budget deficit, California faces a dangerous cash-flow shortage in the coming weeks. State controller John Chiang has called on the governor and legislature to balance the books by June 15 so the state can, in the midst of a tight credit market, raise the short-term financing needed to fund day-to-day operations in the new fiscal year that starts July 1. Tax receipts in the Golden State have dropped 27% from last year, and without bridge financing, Chiang warns, the state could run out of money by the end of July. (Read Joel Stein on “California’s State of Insanity.”)

        Since the May 19 special election, the governor has proposed cutting public schools’ funding by $5.2 billion, closing 220 state parks, firing 5,000 state workers, selling state property and, most dramatically, eliminating the safety net of subsistence economic support and health care to 1 million children living in poverty.

        Acknowledging the pain these cuts will cause to million of state residents, Schwarzenegger declared, “We are not Washington. We cannot print money. We cannot run up trillion-dollar deficits. We can only spend what we have. That is the harsh but simple reality.”

        The Republican governor and GOP legislators say they will not raise taxes, especially after Schwarzenegger and six Republican legislators brokered a budget deal in February that combined deep cuts and $12.8 billion in higher taxes. 


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