Is Washington A Good Fit For JT Daniels?

I keep hearing Washington is high on JT Daniels’ list of schools.

So I looked at the Huskies’ quarterbacks: redshirt sophomore Jacob Sirmon, redshirt freshman Dylan Morris and incoming freshman Ethan Garbers.

I can’t say Daniels is worse than any of them. But he would have to compete. And that’s where I see a problem.

He needs to go somewhere where he doesn’t compete.

Just so people understand, Matt Leinart did not like to compete either. Pete Carroll said that. Not me.

Carroll also said Leinart improved dramatically once he was named the starter at the end of spring practice of 2003.

That spring was no slam dunk for Leinart. Some were surprised when he was named the starter and he didn’t even dominate the spring game the day after the announcement. But Carroll took a chance. He admitted it. And it paid off.

So Daniels better find a roster with quarterbacks or a coach willing to make a secret deal. Or “another coach,” I should say.

15 thoughts on “Is Washington A Good Fit For JT Daniels?

  1. J. T. is a good football player and a smart kid. But he should try to find a place outside the Pac 12 to play the rest of his college football. I can guarantee you Harrell will not allow Daniels to beat Slovis —and our defensive players tried to beat up J. T. on the sidelines when he was still with the team —can you imagine what they’d do to him if he went to Washington?

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    1. Some people who post here (not you Michael), and who call Slovis “a girl” forget what type of season that Slovis had last year. Not just record-setting for a USC freshman (and behind a less than first rate O-line), but he finished 7th in the country in passing efficiency, ahead of Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence and Oregon’s Justin Herbert.

      And keep in mind that the top 3 in efficiency were LSU’s Burrow, Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma), and Justin Fields (Ohio State), three programs with great O-lines.

      A tip of the hat to Bryan Ellis for identifying Slovis, and Harrell, who kept lighting a fire for Slovis by telling the press constantly that “Slovis is something special. The ball comes out of his hand so much differently than anyone else I have seen.”

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      1. Michael, Slovis basically fell into Ellis’s lap. Ellis was in Phoenix for recruiting, hadn’t planned on seeing Slovis. However, Ellis ended up having a few hours to kill before his plane left, and that led him to go watch Slovis, who definitely flew below nearly everyone’s radar.


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    2. I think he would be dangerous at Ohio State. They throw more now than ever so he won’t be pressured with predictable play calling like he had at USC with pass, run, and then passing on third down all the time like he was forced to do. Also Ohio State runs it when they get to the red zone and don’t call stupid pass plays trying to pad stats that get their qb hurt knowing the line is in game 1 (Fresno St). I dont think Ohio State will even consider him but another team that he would be right for in my opinion would Oklahoma State throwing 7 yard passes all game to open up the deep ball. Actually that sounds like what USC had him do as a True Freshman shaking my head still.

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    1. With an o-line that protected him, he COULD be a problem…..

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  2. I guess the Leinart experiment worked out pretty well. I love how the Wolfman takes a cheap shot at Leinart via the Daniels story. He never lets go of grudges.

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  3. #1 Tell SW to keep up with his old stories, many of which may be repeats from someone else’s story– Matt Leinart definitely liked to compete, he just quiet of sulked when he felt like the situation was unfair, he wasn’t being supported. Chow saw that he was extremely smart, picked up everything fastest, understood his offense and made the reads even if he more laid back most of the time, and prevailed on Carroll.

    #2 Slovis is ass. Stop with the madness fanboys. And this offense is just as sht as it was on the last game we played and got steamrolled. It’s shocking to me how irrepressible the fanboy stuff gets as soon as we have some distance from the shitshow that was last season! lool It’s like watching a dude get his ass kicked up and down the street, left crying in ball, then as soon as people stop laughing at him and talking about it, he starts talking about how he whipped the other guy’s ass.

    The entire offense just like all such offenses, was predicated around being pass happy, flooding the field with receivers and throwing jump balls to the outside to studs or dumping off to the RB who just another receiver. If your purpose is to run up stats and lose because that’s shitty percentage football even in the FAG-12 (South Park usage), then fine. And if you don’t mind playing any team outside the FAG-12 and getting the ball shoved down your throat, and your scrawny, weak armed QB slammed and confused, then fine.

    Otherwise if you insist on playing this shit offense, which never wins anything, you better get yourself a buffalo-leather-tough, scrambling, dart throwing, take off and run QB in the mold of Lamar Jackson.


  4. Daniels can be good, if he has a line to protect him, if he is not rushed to throw the ball, and he has 5 seconds to find an open receiver. If you blitz him heavily, right now, he doesn’t know what to do. Maybe in a year or so, when he has caught up to the college game in terms of speed, then he might be good.


  5. I agree, TJ Daniels should not go to a school that has the potential to sign a 4 or 5 star quarterback in any recruiting class, because he’ll get buried on the bench, again. And Matt Leinart started for USC because his Father told Norm Chow he was going to transfer if he didn’t. He was a decent quarterback, who was surrounded by talent in high school and college, but got exposed at the professional level. NFL scouts do a horrible job evaluating quarterbacks, which is why Leinart was a first round draft choice .


  6. I thought Leinart was named the starter because he threatened to transfer. Matt Cassell and Brandon Hance were going into their redshirt junior seasons and Matt Leinart was going into his redshirt sophomore season…so Leinart had some time as leverage. Carroll rolled the dice that Cassell wouldn’t transfer being a redshirt junior and it worked out.

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  7. If JT”s ultimate goal is to play in the NFL, he has the necessary exposure – via Mater Dei and as a Trojan- now he needs to work on his game. More specifically, he needs to work on standing in the pocket and delivering the football without happy feet and not throwing off of his back leg.
    Ironically enough, North Texas or something similar could be a perfect fit. I don’t think he’d last a year in a Power 5 conference. Work on reps in a game situations. If he posts good numbers, the league will give him a shot. Whether he is good enough is an entirely different conversation.

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