Korey Foreman Decommits From Clemson

Defensive end Korey Foreman, the No. 1-ranked player in the nation, has decommitted from Clemson, according to the Athletic.

This sets the stage for the Corona Centennial star to commit to USC, especially since the Athletic reported Foreman now feels distance was an issue. Foreman has worked out recently with USC defensive lineman Drake Jackson, who also went to Centennial.

16 thoughts on “Korey Foreman Decommits From Clemson

  1. Scooter and the rest,

    NOW is the time to dump Helton and bring in a coach that is serious about winning. If SC is starting to bring in serious talent, then you need a head coach that is above the the talent in terms of achievement. Helton needs to be established as a winner, motivator, a leader, and a brilliant tactichan. Helton is an empty coach with the assistants that he has. They will look for his guidance and all you will see is shrugging shoulders from Helton.

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    1. Helton is gone after next year. Bohn is a fool, but not that big a fool. He is not going to tie his horse to that wagon. Bohn caved to Folt but he wont do that again or he will be run and laughed out of town.

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  2. Clay Helton may not get fired, but I guarantee he’s not getting a new contract. So I’m sure the perspective new recruits are thinking past Bozo when considering USC. Because most coaches with a brain, will be a vast improvement for Trojans football.

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