JT Daniels Transfer Takes Another Twist

It looks like JT Daniels will need to obtain a waiver if he wants to transfer from USC.

The NCAA Board of Directors recommended to the Division I Council that changes to the waiver process as suggested by the working group are not appropriate at this time and better suited to go into effect for the 2021-22 season.

Daniels can still transfer and I cannot imagine Clay Helton denying a waiver to his favorite QB. It’s also possible the NCAA will be more likely to grant waivers under the current circumstances.

  • Meanwhile, do you wonder what a college athlete might make through social media endorsements? Here’s what OpenDorse, a company that helps pro athletes publish commercial content on their social media accounts, estimates USC cornerback Isaac Taylor-Stuart could make:

Not bad for someone with only eight career starts at cornerback for USC.

14 thoughts on “JT Daniels Transfer Takes Another Twist

  1. So they say the Trojans are a top 15 in PLAYER DEVELOPMENT?

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    1. Pudly, thanks for posting. One issue is that it is from the years ’11-’15. But still, most of us think those were also chaotic years for the Trojans, after Pete, during sanctions, Kiff and Sark, Haden, Tarmac, etc.

      Good to know that the kids are succeeding at a higher rate than we armchair posters were guessing.

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    2. The Clay Helton Ass licks have to dive into history to find positives about their beloved program. The late Al Davis use to do the same thing with his Raiders. Like I said before, you come to USC as a hero recruit, and leave as a ZERO, under the tutelage of Bozo Helton. The numbers don’t lie, the SC ass sucks do. 😂😂

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      1. Pudly –

        You’re a sycophant and a kabuki girl, nothing more. Shut your mouth and stop embarrassing yourself. BTW, have you finished transitioning yet?


      1. And there’s that think they know, wanna know and them that wished they had a clue…eh ‘75!

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      2. USC win a national championship under Bozo Helton? You really have to be a delusional old FART to even entertain that idea . 😂😂


    3. Even Helton, whose deficiencies include lack of game management, in game adjustments, leadership abilities, knowing the state of the program, etc, can’t mess ALL this up or undo what all these people at the University do.


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