Here’s How USC Saves $400,000

If Carol Folt is telling the truth that USC has a $300-$500 million operational deficit for the upcoming fiscal year, then why isn’t its highest-paid employee taking a pay cut?

I mean, seriously, Clay Helton is making videos with his picturesque ocean view in the background and probably getting around $4 million but he can’t take a 10 percent cut?

He went 13-12 the past 2 years, he should feel obligated to return some salary. More importantly, is USC going to get to a point where it lays off some employees while Helton could return $400,000?

He should do it to pay for all those digital media hires in the offseason that are working a lot harder than him.

16 thoughts on “Here’s How USC Saves $400,000

  1. This is a better indicator of Helton’s (lack of) character than anything else. All of the executives at my company voluntarily took a 25% pay cut to make sure the company’s balance sheet was as stable as possible. None of middle management or staff is taking a pay cut. Anyone in a leadership position who is not first in line to take the hit on behalf of everyone else, is not a leader.

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  2. C’mon Scottie, go for the whole Monty and argue that Clay can be terminated due to Force Majeur (“Act of God”)

    Michael Guarino, did I get that roughly right?


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  3. I have been saying this the whole time! much of the country is out of work and every video he posts reminds me of just how much money he is stealing. He does not have to take a pay cut, he does not have to own up for all of his awful coaching or recruiting because USC protects him from the media unless it is a fluff interview like that butt hole Dennis Dodd did for him. I want Scottie to interview him one on one. Hell i will even take a one on one from Ryan Abraham or Dan Weber but we know he will only do controlled interviews.

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  4. This is L.A.

    $4 million per year is barely enough to buy a home to live by the water. Giving money back, even 10%, might make the Heltons homeless and they might have to leave L.A.



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      1. For students, USC seems like a nice enough place to live for 4 to 6 years. Is it a good place to call home permanently? Folt probably negotiated having an off- campus home anyway.


      2. 1992 L.A. riots is one reason that comes to mind.




  5. USC gets what it deserves paying that dufus $4 million a year (times 6 years). Helton wouldn’t even be an elite high school head coach. If they run a deficit and ultimately go bankrupt then F them. Let them rot.


  6. The 13 assistants weren’t producing. When you are making that kind of money you must produce. Besides, I don’t think that he wanted to fire any of those guys. That has been one of the problems with CH…..he hangs on to guys who should be fired. He fired them because of pressure from the outside.


  7. Pay cuts should begin at the top starting with Carol, next with the brain dead Athletic Director, Helton would be third followed by the large number as administrators that just take up space. This is what should happen but what will probably happen program cuts, meaning it with be students that will suffer

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  8. Dear Carol Folt:
    It is time to no longer time make the pay cuts at USC a voluntarily option.
    America and USC are in a terrible period. USC Football has not performed up to expectations with an over-paid “fake” born again Christian football coach. He thanks you and Mike Bohn time and time again for supporting him. Now it is time for him to accept a mandatory pay cut. USC cannot afford to pay his full salary Carol you need to enforce the pay cuts first at the top so others don’t lose their jobs at USC. A person of high character would have already volunteered to take the cut so I hope you now know what type of person you retained, along with a terrible football coach who has not performed at all during his tenure at USC.
    Don’t ask for Helton’s pay cut Carol JUST DO IT you owe that to all the other employees. You would not hire Urban Meyer because of his controlling personality and ethics well please take a look at the guy who
    is currently at the top of your payroll. If football is not played this season the revenue in the athletic department will sink even further so I don’t think you have a choice.


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