How Many “Adopted Sons” Does Clay Helton Have?

USC coach Clay Helton was on with Fred Roggin and Rodney Peete today and spoke about JT Daniels.

“JT wanted the opportunity to explore every option,” Helton said. “USC is one of those options and the door is left open for him. He is a terrific young man and he is one of my adopted sons. My fingers are crossed that he stays with us.”

I’d been waiting for the “adoped son” label.

How many adopted sons are currently in the transfer portal? (Daniels, Jack Sears).

I wonder if any of the 13 assistant coaches Helton’s fired feel like adopted sons?

15 thoughts on “How Many “Adopted Sons” Does Clay Helton Have?

  1. Just more disingenuous rhetoric spewed by the moron of all morons. I wish Helton would just shut up! Hey Bohn and Folt, if you are not going to fire Helton then for the sake of the program and fans you can at least hit the off button on this idiot.

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    1. Clearly, Folt has no problem with Clay’s inanities.
      [If Folt is fooled by somebody as obviously lame as Helton, it’s only a matter of time before somebody a lot sharper than Clay pulls the wool over her eyes & triggers the next major scandal at USC]….

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      1. Wanda Austin on Clay Helton:

        “He’s not drinking, doing drugs, or sleeping around…”

        Jon Wilner on Helton retention:

        “The call to retain Clay Helton was “entirely from Carol Folt”

        Can we now call Folt “Wanda Jr.”?

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      2. It really makes you wonder about Carol’s judgement —particularly her judgement with respect to staff selection — that she tolerates a man as transparently self-serving as Helton …..
        [Carol: To avoid possible legal problems down the road, maybe tell Helton to knock off talking about “neck hugging”, “loving” or “adopting” his players]…..

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      3. And Penn State wasn’t punished nearly as severely as USC.

        Let’s see, Reggie Bush’s stepdad getting free housing, vs. a rapist pedophile who was permitted to do this unimpeded for decades.

        And that loser Haden totally rolled over for the NCAA.


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      4. 67 —
        I WISH Clay were drinking….. and doing drugs …

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  2. Words you will never hear a real coach, or General or leader ever say:
    Helton said. “ My fingers are crossed…”

    Plan, scheme, and prepare like a real coach or cross your fingers like Coach Willy Loman. Pathetic!

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