Report: Clay Helton, Andy Enfield, Mike Bohn Take Pay Cuts

I told you pay cuts were coming for Clay Helton and Co.

The Los Angeles Times reports Helton, Andy Enfield and Mike Bohn “will return a combined $1 million of compensation to USC.”

It sounds like roughly 10 percent of their salaries.

Why didn’t USC just announce that like every other school?

Instead, it was leaked and a dollar-amount was listed, probably because Bohn or his minion thought that sounded more impressive.

Carol Folt took a 20 percent cut, USC announced a few weeks ago. Other senior administrators, which might have included Bohn, took a 10 percent cut. Boom. Done. End of story.

But the athletic dept. always has to be a little sideways on things, so it’s a blind leak saying it was for a combined $1 million.

18 thoughts on “Report: Clay Helton, Andy Enfield, Mike Bohn Take Pay Cuts

    1. Helton doesn’t have to ask for his footballs back, kenwible….

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      1. I wonder if Snarky Scotty will volunteer to take a pay cut? Seems like he would be setting a great example for his peers for once. 🙂

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  1. I guess CH is not that dumb of a man. He agreed to take a pay cut only if Bohn guarantees him there will be no physical practices, once everything gets back to normal.

    Now SW acts like he told us so, after constantly b*tching and complaining about it.

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  2. Is this a case where your left doesn’t let your right hand know that you’re doing a good deed? I have shredded CH for all of his shortcomings as a coach, but this seems like he and Bohn played it right (in not making a big deal out of it).

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  3. I will be happy when players actually sign with the Trojans because we all know if we go 8-4 some of these players aren’t coming. With this offensive line I’m guessing Slovis misses 2-4 games this season.

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    1. Smart, Megatron. The ONE thing Pac 12 forecasters fail to take into account when handicapping the 2020 race is QB injuries —-and, given the number of sidelined USC QB’s the last 3 years, USC might not be nearly as well positioned to take the Pac 12 as pre-season rankings indicate…..

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