TV Time

Pat Haden’s legacy was under fire today when I appeared on the Paul Finebaum Show.

19 thoughts on “TV Time

  1. President Folt: “We will never know for sure if Ed Orgeron would have been better for USC than Clay Helton…… #LastYear’sRecordsNotwithstanding….

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    1. Maybe the wins and losses may not have been there right away under CEO but I’m fairly certain the recruiting would have been better. For sure you wouldn’t see so many California Southland guys head down South and out east.




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      1. Pat: “If people aren’t smart enough to appreciate what I did for the USC football program and the L. A. Coliseum, I’m just gonna deprive them of my presence…”


    2. Michael,

      Laughing My Ass Off. Even if Orgeron had a worse record than Helton, I would still take Orgeron over Helton. Orgeron learned from Pete. Helton learned from the drunk.

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      1. Orgeron with a worse record than Helton would still be better because you know an Orgeron team would be tougher than a Helton team.




    3. CEO would not have been a great hire at the time (due to his past record as a head coach), yet he surely would have been better than all of the lazy head coaches that followed. CEO works hard and is intense. USC would not have given him the resources under Haden/Swann that he received at LSU. Had they, then yes, Ogeron could have brought back USC. USC still should have signed Petersen.

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  2. Funny how larry scott puts his finger to the wind….


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    1. We all fall asleep watching the Pac12 Network Football games. Damn they are boring. At least the SEC Network will show a ranked SEC match up from time to time. Larry Scott doesn’t even try to promote games.


  3. Along with the Coach O non hire, and judging by Haden’s sudden Knee Jerk Firing of Kiffin early in a season (jerk fits perfectly) and in the Manner it occurred, I got the impression he was somebody’s puppet doing what he was told. I would love to see his Cell Phone Records from the Start of the 2013 Arizona State Game to the tarmac firing later that night.

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  4. Everything thay has to do with Folt, Bohn and or Helton can only be classified as a Clown Shit Show

    As for Pat Haden, he’s nothing but a corrupt embezzler has been…a Gawd Damn Embarrassment!


  5. It’s funny how people try to reduce Ed Orgeron’s coaching ability, by saying he just hired a couple of high priced coordinators to lead LSU to a national championship. But isn’t that what Dabo Sweeney, and Nick Saban do ? Clay Helton had bigger, and better ideas, he wanted to hire his friends 😂.

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    1. Yep.
      Clay Helton decided not to even interview Dave Aranda after he just beat USC in the Holiday Bowl with Wisconsin. They gave Aranda permission to interview with any team and he figured USC would be one but Helton passed on every potential DC for Clancy Pendergast and f*cked off our defense.

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    2. People forget that Aranda is from Redlands.
      He would have cleaned up with recruiting and put a top 10 defense on the field.

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  6. I honestly think that if EdO was around CA recruits like Thibideaux and Justin Flowe (among others) would have been Trojans.


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    1. Definitely.
      Thibideaux said USC was even recruiting him really and that was surprising to him.


  7. Continued miss management at the top over the years has regrettably put USC’s football program in present state it now resides.


  8. If I’m a recruit, I like the fact that my future University is putting my health first and not risking my life or my family’s simply to play football. Why would I rush back when there is still time to improve/expand testing, tracking, and to develop medication (like Remsividir)).

    SEC Coach/AD: John Smith died doing what he loved doing best, playing football for his beloved university.


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