USC Grad Transfer Target Commits To Pitt

Hampton offensive tackle Keldrick Wilson committed to Pitt tonight.

Wilson had USC as one of his final four choices along with Indiana, West Virginia and Pitt. The Trojans are still pursuing Houston offensive tackle Jarrid Williams, who was granted a sixth year of eligibility.


4 thoughts on “USC Grad Transfer Target Commits To Pitt

  1. I thought Helton would’ve closed the deal with some of his “Please man we really need you!” recruiting.
    A kid would rather play at Pitt than USC.


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  2. This is what pis@es me off, in the old days, SC did not have to go after other olinemen from different colleges because they had the best linmen and oline coach in the world. SC has sunk to such a deep low, that they have to recruit grad transfers. That means your program is not self sufficent nor it is where you need to be. SC should be rejecting most oline or any tranfers because they have the best. This is telling me that there is a big defiencey in the line and maybe coaching. But i put the blame on Helton for not recruiting the best. He reminds of Larry Smith. Smith lived off of Tolner’s recruits. When the recruiting went down for Smith, at the bowl game against Fresno st., he comes out and says the game is parity. he got his ass fired for that. That reminds me, Helton should have had his ass fired after the Iowa game. Getting beat by Iowa. No diesreect to Iowa, but to get an ass kicking like that is just like losing to Fresno St with Smith.

    FOLT DOES NOT GET IT. Put her a@s as the dean for munchkins. Get a person in there that will run the university has a business, knowing full well what SC football means to the school. That means money, presitge, and respect from the nation.

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