USC Gets 12th Commitment

Three-star defensive end Colin Mobley of Hyattsville, Md., committed to USC, the Trojans’ 12 commitment from the Class of 2021.

“It’s about having the opportunity to come in early and contribute while still receiving a quality education,” Mobley said.

USC’s recruiting class is currently ranked No. 3 by Rivals.

9 thoughts on “USC Gets 12th Commitment

      1. Jack-Pudly76 , where was was USC’s 2017, and 2018 class ranked you, dumb ass ? I’ll patiently wait for my kiss 😂


  1. A 3 star from Maryland is equal to a 4 1/2 star in Cali… with the way they ball back there intensity wise. Kid is put together pretty well.

    Another good get for Vic …

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    1. Are you serious?
      I’ll take s 3 Star from California everyday over a 3 star from Maryland!! Quality of HS play in California is lght years ahead of what? Maryland.
      You must be from back east and never attended a California HS game.
      Why are all the colleges recruiting Cal Players? Because they know the Coaches and competition…
      I can’t think of any National Championships by Maryland or NFL players or draft picks recently, can you?

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