USC Morning Buzz: Could Familar Face Become Rival?

UCLA has zeroed in on Boston College athletic director Martin Jarmond, who was a candidate at USC, for its athletic director’s job.

There were reportedly multiple candidates — including Alabama’s Greg Bryne — who turned USC down. Was Jarmond one of them? Did he want an assurance he could fire Clay Helton and/or hire Urban Meyer?

Jarmond worked at Ohio State from 2009-16. You think he would want Meyer?

You know what’s funny? A well-known guy at USC who told everyone Mike Bohn had second thoughts and delayed officially taking the job because he could not hire Meyer is now one of Bohn’s biggest supporters now in public. And he would deny to the public he ever said Bohn nearly walked away over Meyer. That’s how it works.

41 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Could Familar Face Become Rival?

  1. If UCLA hires Jarmand, three things will happen:
    (1) Jarmand will hire Urban Meyer…
    (2) USC will never beat UCLA in football again….
    (3) Folt will be reported missing

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    1. Over dinner the other night, Clay told me that he is not afraid of Urban Meyer! Let UCLA hire that wife beater! Clay has never beat his wife let alone raised his voice at her! He is a decent Christian human being that deserves your respect!


      1. He’s a good person.,
        But a completely shitty Head Coach.’
        He would make a great YMCA spokesman’s..


  2. So a SECRET source would deny a statement made as a SECRET source, if someone asked him if he made those statements? Hmmm, maybe it’s time for the “cone of silence”.

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  3. OK, let’s take a step back and aways from Scottie’s Crazy Town.

    UCLA’s athletic department was already running a severe budget shortfall before COVID. It isn’t going to magically heal itself now.

    If UCLA had to dip into rich alumni pockets just to afford Chip, yet still was unable to pay elite-level assistant salaries, then there is no way UCLA can afford Urban Meyer plus the assistants he would demand, let alone infrastructure improvements and below-the-line staff requirements.

    Also note that the UCLA faculty has essentially a veto power over the Athletic Department. Sure, Urban is going to quietly play ball with Gender Studies Professors. LOL.

    Scottie has a better chance of waking up tomorrow with a full, lush head of hair than Urban Meyer being named head coach of UCLA football.

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    1. Nice work. I hope you realize that, by taking a step back from crazy town, you sucked all the fun out of what coulda been a wonderful day…

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      1. I just looked up the line on:

        Scottie – Pulitzer

        Next ucla coach – the guy from West LA college (no relocation expenses incurred)

        Just about the same odds…

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      2. Good info, 67… can you check a little further, though?…

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  4. Why in hell would Meyer need or want to come to the ruins?
    Presently, Mr. I was an NFL head coach, has the team headed into the side of a mountain. Well done Mr. Unlisted cell phone.


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    1. Word is mora already called and told the new AD he was turning down the job…

      This was over a year ago BEFORE the ruins became apathetic…

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      1. Ha! [This photo looks exactly like the press conference after the Tyson Fury/ Deonte Wilder heavyweight championship fight….. except people were sitting in the chairs and standing in the aisles and pouring through the windows and coming thru the double doors for that one]…..

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      2. Word on the street was mora told the ruins…
        “You can offer me half what anyone else is and I’d still turn you down…”

        And don’t think he didn’t trademark the old “surrender cobra”..offers in the offing

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  5. You guys are over thinking it here.

    UCLA will go after an A.D. who can help them out with their flagship basketball program. The B.C. guy doesn’t even meet that standard with their basketball program pretty crappy lately.

    Football hiring won’t be the priority in a UCLA A.D. hire. Not at a basketball school. If the guy happens to do well and hire a good football coach, then all the better. But Bruins won’t hold their breath on the hope that their new A.D. hire will be thinking of football.



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      1. 67,
        Chip read your post and left 3 big custard filled eclairs untouched on his dinner plate….

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      2. The athletic department deficit is why I think they’ll lean more to a basketball minded A.D.

        With their basketball legacy, that’s what their alums and fans want the most – a UCLA basketball program nationally relevant and in the mix for NCAA titles. It won’t make up the $30 million deficit alone but Bruin fans spending big bucks on their basketball program is definitely a plus for their finances.



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      3. Michael, will Scottie start whining about the Chipper not taking a 10% pay cut?

        I am sure his eclair budget would be untouched…

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    1. Not to nit pick but technically we beat them like a drum in their own house. Then let them think they had a chance in the follow up at Galen…just saying!


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      1. You musta seen the same leaked Project Veritas video I did —with Enfield telling the team at halftime to wait until the last second “to make it hurt more…”

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