USC Sunday Buzz: Secondary Duties Could Be Issue

One thing coaches I’ve talked to wonder about for this season is how the defensive secondary duties are being split up.

Craig Naivar is the safeties coach and Donte Williams coaches the cornerbacks.

“You need to have the entire secondary on the same page,” a Pac-12 coach said. “So it will be interesting to see how that works out. Especially since those guys (Naivar, Williams) don’t have a prior relationship coaching together.
“I’ve coached on teams where the safeties would ask to be coached together with the cornerbacks. It’s can be awkward to break up that group.”

Maybe it’s even more of an issue when you don’t have spring practice and might have less summer meeting time than usual.

33 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Secondary Duties Could Be Issue

  1. The fact that there’s a new defensive coordinator and a new scheme doesn’t matter as much as the two secondary coaches…which we’ve had for a number of years.

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      1. I just hope my friend Owns isn’t spending all his time hunting for new Trump material to share with us…..

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      3. You love to project your Moderate Democrats LGBTQ perversions on others, senileobama.


      4. The car wash isn’t there anymore…. neither are the cars….

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    1. Naivar and Williams are two first rate coaches —they’ll work it out….

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  2. Hey T-boyOblowme
    About time that you Come up with fresh material. Your pap is so stale. Maybe you & ‘S'(so named because mommy knew two letters would stress him out) can put your ‘heads’ together to get one fresh sentence.


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      1. Poor senileobama is triggered. You really think we believed your tear-jerker story about the police? You going to go loot tonight you preachy lib?


      2. Leave the good guys alone, tebow……

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    1. Of course we miss you….what kind of world would it be without Owns?

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      1. MG
        Art needs to be in his SJW safe space. This place may not be good for his soul.
        Starting a TOUGH SCHEDULE thread by proclaiming racism is now being filmed is an insight into his psyche. His left wing politics cannot be kept under control. I pity his ‘students’.


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      2. MG, you as a professional opinion swayer, I suggest you nominate NO B.S. or Ed. Both worthy. Seems Bucket has bit the dust.
        SCnonfan, T-boyOblowme & buddakrappa are frequently radioactive waste & I’d steer clear.

        The CALSEVENTYFIVE will do what he can but in some circumstances, support may not be possible due to irreconcilable differences.


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      3. Haven’t abandoned ya’ yet, MG!
        Once we all get back to talking about USC FB, I’ll be there to provide cover fire.


  3. Great to see you back Owns. Now if we could get Bucket and Helen we could resume the highly entertaining and intellectual sparring. I miss references to post-modernism.


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