Mike Bohn Statement For USC Athletes

Mike Bohn sent out a statement tonight for the USC athletes.


3 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Statement For USC Athletes

  1. Pretty good. Better than Folt, and she had two tries. I appreciate he uses the world “unapologetically”. Her post tonight was overwhelmingly heavy with implicit apologies, and light on what to do about the issues.

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    1. 67- You know that I respect & admire your skill however I am truly sorry due to the fact I couldn’t agree with your sentiments. First & Foremost you have 3 Caucasian Morons commenting on a sensitive issue with no clear-cut resolution. This was nothing more than a self-serving of ego. USC is a private school that doesn’t need publicity with the overwhelming majority of people in crucial positions that are White. I am disgruntled & embarrassed Alumni ( class of 88) that is waiting for change & improvements- These unsolicited comments from so- called leaders don’t inspire any confidence at all. If someone thinks that I am wrong I would welcome an intelligent debate. If you have a minute I would like to challenge you as to when was the last time you were excited about USC. My answer is Sam Darnold, I wish I could have said Oneyka Okongwu- sweeping UCLA in basketball was very good. I’m hoping that scandal & USC are no longer intertwined again I’m not hopeful. Have a great week ahead.

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      1. Bobby, I am sympathetic to several of your points. As I read Bohn’s statement, I felt it was addressed to the student-athletes on the team, and that it was positive, it had energy, and showed he cared. On the other hand, I felt that Folt’s was patronizing, with plenty of platitudes that really said little to anyone. Stay well!


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