USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


USC rapid response team

Carol Folt and Mike Bohn put out statements Sunday — the second for each — in an attempt to stay with current events. This might be a good time for USC to offer partial refunds of spring tuition to needy students. Just a thought.

Coaching hires

Ex-USC linebackers Chris Claiborne and Hayes Pullard were hired last week — Claiborne for offense, Pullard for defense. USC thought it was a good idea on twitter so why didn’t Clay Helton do it sooner?

Matt Fink

He is one play away from being the No. 1 QB. And if USC plays Alabama, he just might see some action.

JT Daniels

Going to Georgia means he will need to stand on his own two feet. Maybe it will work out.


JT Daniels

Does he realize Kirby Smart is not going to care if he plays or not . . . unlike Clay Helton. What happens to the No. 10 jersey now at USC? Will someone else snag it?

Hype video guys

Hard to put out any cheery content when national and local protests are on TV 24/7.

Andy Enfield

He lost out on guard Mac McClung to Texas Tech. But USC is still calling graduate transfers to fill its roster.

USC fans

It got pretty ugly this weekend.

22 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Can any of the former players, and new screaming coaches ( Todd Orlando), block on the offensive line? If not, then Keadon Slovis will have some problems staying on his feet, especially since the Trojans don’t have an established running game. It’s a good thing that Clay Helton is smarter then everyone else, because the Mountain West Conference team he assembled the last four years, may be rewarded with a trip to the Holiday Bowl 😀

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      1. 67 — To go to the Holiday Bowl….THE HOLIDAY BOWL(!!)….and not be embarrassed again…… wow!….

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      2. Michael, I still can’t believe Helton’s post-Holiday Bowl presser,:

        ” I think this team can be really special. I’ve been a part here for 10 years and felt some teams that are right on the cusp of being great. I think this is one of them.”


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      3. 67 –I honestly believe that when Helton gave the “good, not great” speech, he was expecting to get fired within the hour…and, as a consequence, was just having some fun with words……

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    1. I still can’t believe Helton did that…I mean, a suck-up should have at least the pretense of not being 100% obvious.


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      1. It would be impossible to believe, 67 —except for this: Every single thing Helton does is for Helton.

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  2. What did her tweet say? I don’t see that anywhere. If all she was saying was that mob violence must be stopped then I agree with that. How many business owners have lost their whole life(everything that they spent their whole life working for) just because a bunch of crazies decided to go on a destruction spree? Show me a tweet.

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  3. What you people fail to realize or remember is JT Daniels can slang the ball around if he has a LT, LG, C, RG, and RT who actually make contact physically with the opposition and block for him.

    We don’t block at USC.

    They block for their QBs in the SEC.
    I think Daniels will be fine.


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