USC Revokes Ties To Booster

USC has revoked the season tickets and Trojan Athletic Fund membership of Marla Brown after some tweets suggesting protestors should be shot.

Here’s the statement from Mike Bohn:


30 thoughts on “USC Revokes Ties To Booster

    1. I normally agree with PJM but c’mon man. You do realize a lot of student-athletes are minorities right? You don’t think USC admin has to pay attention to their perceptions of whats going on? Yes its free speech and she isn’t being arrested for saying what she did so I don’t see anything wrong with the actions USC took. USC has a right to associate and disassociate with who they want as well

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      1. Yes, they do. However, I just think it was a chicken bleep move. The looters of any race should be arrested and the ones who are beating innocent people should be shot. Lastly, I thought football players were also students? Perhaps, reading someone’s different point of view will allow them to think critically as opposed to being mind-controlled by the television?

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      2. “USC has a right to associate and disassociate with who they want as well”

        Including Matt Boermeester?


      3. PJM#1Fan — Allow me an observation, ok? Bohn doesn’t give a flying shit about anything but public relations. And that’s all his latest (empty) statement is about — public relations.

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      4. Very curious that they would cut ties with a donor over a tweet when, in fact, they have one professor teaching at USC today(Charles H.F. Davis) who describes himself as a ‘Black identity extremist’ who was quoted as saying “whiteness must be, by any and all means, destroyed”. He’s allowed to teach at USC but a donor is not allowed to tweet.

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  1. Flagged in their system! LOL!! As if another member of the family with a different last name & address won’t be able to buy season tickets. Give me a break! But if it makes you feel better, Bohn, knock yourself out.

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  2. I near they are monitoring comments against Clay Helton. Those who are negative against him and program may lose their season tickets.

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  3. I believe if Bohn didn’t publicly address this and issue a statement, the USC campus would be at risk. I wouldn’t want his or Folt’s job right now.

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    1. So…the statement isn’t sincere? Bohn doesn’t really care deeply about racial injustice? His statement was only a form of self defense?

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    2. You really wouldn’t want to live in a $8.4 million palace in Santa Monica and get paid million of dollars a year like President Carol Burnett does? She can afford 24-7 s armed security if SC is too cheap to supply it.

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  4. There’s the old story of Bear Bryant asking McKay to bring a black player to the post game Alabama locker room. The one that supposedly helped integrate southern colleges.
    One thing is for sure, USC has a long history of athletes of color being accepted. This is one of the reasons I follow USC sports they don’t care about the skin on a player, they care about the player in the skin.

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    1. If USC wants to take one more step forward with regards to communities of color it would be nice to see the first African – American head football coach at USC.



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      1. Give me an african american Urban Meyer and I will personally campaign for them to hire him. But people who say that we should hire a black coach just because he is black regardless if he is the best man are inconsistent. If they had a heart problem and were in danger of dying without a certain operation which was needed right now and there were 2 doctors available: 1) a white doctor who is the best in the world….has been practicing for 40 years and has done this operation many times but he has racist overtones 2) A black doctor or a politically correct white doctor who says all the right things about race but they have’t been practicing long and have never done this operation….which are they going to choose? I’ll guarantee that they will choose the racist. Like I said, Give me an african american Urban Meyer and I will personally campaign for them to hire him.


  5. Really, suggesting that looters should be shot is now racist is ridiculous. It’s not a jump to hear that voting for Trump is racist (appearing nightly on CNN). I take it most of you kids haven’t been in a riot. Civilization’s veneer is thin. When our buddies start behaving lawlessly it is very scary. Mobs are to be feared and suppressed. What’s going on in the country is not protests over a man being killed by police. It’s planned and executed by fascists who seek to overthrow the government….and in my conspiracy mania, I find that it’s no coincidence that it’s happening in an election year.

    For SC to come out on the side of lawlessness is disappointing but to be expected from a major league progressive such as Dolt, but now to tie football tickets to political positions is insane. It certainly will suppress SC athletics….

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    1. Actually saying a statement that looters should be shot is “racist” is racist in itself. It implies that only people of color are looting and thus condemning them is racist.
      Police across the country have done nothing while people of all stripes have taken advantage of righteous anger and made open theft a sport. Asking for action “shoot looters” is a call to action. Calling that call racist is crazy. Free speech should be defended

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  6. If USC does not severe ties with Max Nikias soon based on his ineptitude and poor oversight (ie Tyndall, Pulafito and Heinel) then I am out. It is unconscionable for the university to keep Max around. His minions were poor managers and cost the university millions.

    I agree with “yeateam”!!

    This progressive bs has to stop. I think Folt is turning into a very poor choice as USC’s president. Although she inherited a mess, she has done nothing to prove she is any better. Her new home is proof positive she is no better than Max and Caruso.

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  7. Wondering how they expect to make this stick.

    Sure, the official channel for purchasing tickets can be cut off, but there are such a thing as ticket brokers who will sell you tickets for the individual games. And something tells me seats for the games are not exactly going to be scarce or difficult to come by. What will they do if there are unaccounted for tickets that might have fallen into the wrong hands? If people are still being forced to wear face masks when football season starts, how will they ever be able to catch Marla Brown sneaking into the Coliseum with the tickets she bought through a perfectly legal transaction?

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  8. I DOUBT THE PERSON MEANT AN ACTUAL PEACEFUL PROTESTOR… but sc knows zero about actual investigating as their title 9 BS proves beyond any reasonable doubt…
    arsonists,anarchists,mayhem and murderers, ie… antifa bums, should be shot when committing felonies against persons and their livelihoods,and property.

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