QB Miller Moss Commits To USC

Four-star quarterback Miller Moss of Alemany High School committed to USC.

Moss joins Jake Garcia as Class of 2021 quarterbacks at USC.

So which one transfers when Kedon Slovis leaves and they don’t win the job? Garcia is on his third high school in four years, for what it is worth.

34 thoughts on “QB Miller Moss Commits To USC

    1. You hero Senile Joe has a solution!


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      1. It’s not even funny anymore, gt. The dems have to stop trying to foist this guy off on us….

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      2. I wish Joe would stop playing these trick questions on us, such as “When an unarmed person is coming at you with a knife…”

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      3. T67
        Joe probably doesn’t realize just how ludicrous his statement is. I’d rather face a gun than a knife in CQC..

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    2. Last night Trump was so afraid of protesters he was curled up in the fetal position hiding in a bunker at the White House…LMFAO!!!

      Trump is not only a laughingstock here in the states, but in Europe as well.

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      1. This is is how a real leader responds to you Peaceful Moderate Democrat Rioters:


      2. If you think that’s funny Trump also recommends applying Aloe Vera to the skin for a solution to Covid 19.
        He really thinks this is the antibody drug to fight this thing off.


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      3. This is where senileobama and sas get their information:


    1. The fact that you have odummer’s name as a part of your username says it all. Make sure to pick up a new pair of Nike’s while you are peacefully walking tonite….

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    2. Check this idiot clown trump out. Good Gawd what a fucking embarrassment he is for this country. Trump is a joke.

      Walking like he has a stick shoved up his ass


  1. Back to Miller Moss, the kid is about as slow as molasses in winter.

    The backup QB at Chaminade has more potential than Moss and he’s a sophomore.


      1. What are the odds that Joe can even correctly identify the name of the virus when the first debate rolls around?

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      2. get lost troy22. Is that your IQ. Seems like you are Dumb and Trump is Dumber! Hope you live out of state otherwise your f’ck’n vote means


      3. Look it’s Gargamel the troll with his latest sock puppet. You are losing your touch as you get older and turn into a dirty old man.

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  2. Who ever transfers first will be labeled a loser for not wanting to compete, and possibly getting buried on the bench for the rest of their career. Because that’s what bitter USC fans, and coaches do players who want a chance to play college football at another school. Steve “The Drunk” Sarkisian was notorious for doing that, when he was an assistant coach at USC.


      1. T-blow

        Find that ND vid from last year of carol burnett checking out the refs butt. I wish I would have saved it & now I can’t find it anywhere. A classic.


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  3. Best scenario USC will have a 2 Quarterback System it will be Used for different football plays during a football game.. Remember U had a President OBAMA Where is Crying OPIE Oprah and lets Riot and shoot cops Obama Ma Ma and Hilli and Billie to Speak to your demonrats Rioters and Protesters that burn and steal and want every thing tobe FREE…. could give a flying F about destroying the citys they live In….


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