USC Morning Buzz: One Reason To Transfer

One last word on quarterback Miller Moss going to Mater Dei.

Of course, he is joining one of the two-best high school programs in Southern California. The rich get richer.

But Moss can make a case that practices at Mater Dei will make him a lot better with players like linebacker Raesjon Davis (LSU) and cornerback Jaylin Davies, who is down to Arizona State, Ohio State, Oregon and USC.

Of course that probably is not the top reason he left Alemany, but it’s at least a logical reason. All the great USC teams (from the 1960’s, 1970’s and 2000’s) talked about practice being harder than games.

As for Alemany, they still have Dylan Gebbia, the brother of Oregon State QB Tristan Gebbia. Dylan was at Alemany as a freshman, transferred to Calabasas as a sophomore and then went back to Alemany.

It’s to the point now where it feels unique for a quarterback to stay at the same school for four years.

  • Former USC cornerback Jack Jones, who left school because of academic reasons, made the Dean’s List at Arizona State for the spring semester.
  • I wonder if USC will have it players wear these upper and lower splash shields on helmets this season to block droplets that might spread coronavirus?

26 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: One Reason To Transfer

  1. “I wonder if USC will have it players wear these upper and lower splash shields on helmets this season to block droplets that might spread coronavirus?”

    Um, maybe we could ask somebody?


    1. Slightly off topic: I always marveled over how smart Jack sounded in interviews when discussing the ins and outs of his position —and how dumb he played on the field. Never never saw a corner get fooled more than Jack [on the other side, Iman got into trouble by playing his man too close — but he was always in on the play, almost never got fooled]. Watching Jack last season was gratifying —he seemed to have grown up (although we did burn him once).

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      1. I know (but haven’t re-seen) the play you’re talking about. It’s been a long time —but I seem to remember it looking like Iman thought the Alabama receiver was out of bounds [but, crap, whatever happened on THAT play it was the beginning of the end].

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      2. Actually there were 2 plays where he ( ? ) completely blew the coverage and let his man go uncovered. Both resulted in TDs. Believe they were both first half plays, but can’t swear to that.

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      3. Could be. I hate to respond on the basis of almost total [if not complete] lack of recall —but I can’t bear to re-watch that game. I knew we were in trouble as soon as I saw the players come out the tunnel acting like they were dogs trying to break from their leashes [just like I knew Ali was in trouble when he was laughing & clowning before the opening bell in the Holmes’ fight]…..

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      4. gt — I blame that TOTAL lack of discipline on Helton…. players only act out that way when they KNOW there will be NO CONSEQUENCES….

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    2. I agree that ASU is academically inferior, but I’m not gonna go hating on Jack Jack.
      I hope he graduates and has a fine life ahead of him. I doubt he will make to the NFL.
      Did he squander his 5star/USC So Cal opportunity? Did he squander his opportunity to compete against a cadre of future NFL wide receivers? Hell yeah!

      I do recall that he predicted he’d garner a couple of Heisman Trophies. Well, he has 2020 to get it done.

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      1. Like Rollo can’t find whatever strings need pulling..unless there’s an underlying issue we haven’t heard of.

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      2. I was tired of pissing people off on Facebook over JK Rowling so I thought I’d come here to piss people off. Well then I watched the video you posted above and guess what-you win. The snap over Daniels’ head was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. That the Cal coach was out coaching the SC coach on almost every offensive play was bad enough, but when I saw the team reaction to the blown snap from center I couldn’t believe Helton was ever allowed on the field again. The sidelines were upset at the two players who prevented a free touchdown instead of the guy who sailed a snap fifteen yards behind the quarterback. That Helton’s team didn’t know that covering the ball was better than allowing a fumble recovery in the end zone pissed me off.

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  2. For a guy who transferred twice (3 different schools) and was ruled ineligible, the rules today have to be VASTLY different.

    Anyway, you guys want to know the worst part of a televised Donald Trump event? It’s that person in the corner of the screen lying to deaf people. Now, I don’t care what your party affiliation is, you KNOW that’s just wrong. Nobody is going around and doing fact-checking in sign language for these people. You know what else? Blind people still think his inauguration crowd was bigger…

    D.J Trump on the wheels of steel, ladies and gentlemen… I bet he wins 100% of the deaf and blind vote with his lying ass. A true menace to able-bodied AND handicapped Americans alike.


      1. Thank you, gt. I’ve watched 2 or 3 dozen times…and I still can’t quite believe it. [Let’s face it, Jerry would’ve been an enormous success in any field —- but I think he really missed a bet in not entering the world of American film. With his grace and charm, he’s kinda wasted in Washington]…..

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