USC Removes Rufus Von Kleinsmid Name From VKC Building

USC president Carol Folt announced the executive committee of the Board of Trustees voted for the immediate removal of former president Rufus Von Kleinsmid’s name from the VKC building on campus.

Students and faculty have pushed for this for several years.

“He expanded research, academic programs, and curriculum in international relations,” Folt said. “But, he was also an active supporter of eugenics and his writings on the subject are at direct odds with USC’s multicultural community and our mission of diversity and inclusion.

“Temporarily, the building will be called The Center for International and Public Affairs. We will soon begin an inclusive process to rename the building.”

A bust of Von Kleinsmid was also removed.

View Folt’s statement here.

Cromwell Field has also come under scrutiny because it is named after track coach Dean Cromwell, who has been accused of anti-semitism during the 1936 Olympics.

If you want some background information on the VKC controversy, click here.

100 thoughts on “USC Removes Rufus Von Kleinsmid Name From VKC Building

  1. Revision at it finest. Part of the Political Crapness that is going on with the people that took over the police department in Seattle. Racisim is not good. We know that. However, you have to look at what he did and what he stood for. If he stood for racisim then point it out, but to take down a name will not erase that he was a racist, if he was at all. I said that because I do not know if he is or not. Sick of revision of history. History has great moments and bad moments. All the moments need to be pointed out.

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    1. “History has great moments and bad moments. All the moments need to be pointed out.“

      That’s what history books/courses are for. Monuments are for those who should be revered.

      It may have been OK to honor racists 100 years ago because racism wasn’t much acknowledged—it was generally accepted as the way things were. Times change. It’s not OK anymore. And as times change, we ourselves make changes. Just because lead paint was the norm 100 years ago doesn’t mean we still use it today. We know better.

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      1. And just because your trite, pandering-idiocy was summarily dismissed in the past, without retort, does not mean that someone won’t eventually tell you to shut your mouth.


    2. What a joke. Folt didn’t take this action because VKC advocated population reduction like Margaret Sanger, Bill Gates, Joseph Mengele, et al. She did it to virtue signal to the useful idiots that are being controlled by the ancestors of the above mentioned eugenicists.


    3. Why is everyone celebrating Reggie Bush??!! I was the one that was brutalized and set up by the police! I am the face of USC, Heartz and Blacks everywhere! I don’t own no Bruno Maglie’s! Name the VKC building OJ Simpson Center for wrongfully investigated victim’s building!

      #OJisUSC #ItDidntFit that’s what she said!

      Hold my beer while I look for the real killers!


  2. Bayer aspirin made a fortune in the early 1900s putting heroin in cough syrup, ruining many lives, and knowing it was addictive. Similar for Coca Cola and cocaine – wasn’t taken out of the “recipe” until prohibition. Is it just a matter of time before these companies are treated as social pariahs? When and where does this all stop?

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    1. FDR was a xenophobic racist who actively incarcerated over 100,000 Japanese American citizens–including women and children–for years! Don’t you think any and
      all monuments to FDR should be taken down and scrubbed clean of his moniker?

      In an interesting twist, some of the bravest American fighters during WWII were Japanese American divisions…..
      I guess they kinda showed FDR what it meant to be an American.

      I find revisionist historians entirely hypocritical.

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      1. It’s true B4me that FDR abdicated his responsibility with the internment of the Japanese-Americans citizens during WWII. It was an abominable FDR decision that will live forever in American racial infamy.

        As a result of FDR’s action, USC patriotically expelled every J-A student and hotly supported the ugly J-A round-up and internment.

        B4me, I find your revisionist history entirely hypocritical.


      2. You make me want to puke. FDR should have been executed for treason because he was a quisling-socialist who help to eviscerate the economy with his communist “new deal”. We’re finished as a liberty-loving nation thanks to ignoramuses like you.


      3. The powers that be (the world bankers) manipulate the gullible masses of the US by instigating a race war whilst they collapse the dollar and destroy the middle class and move our country into communism. Don’t believe me? Look up the ten planks of the communist manifesto. I think you’ll find all ten currently being practiced in the USA. Let’s stop all of this stupid virtue signaling and wake the f##k up.

        As Benjamin Franklin departed the Constitutional Convention, he was asked if the framers had created a monarchy or a republic. “A republic,” he famously replied, and then added, “if you can keep it.”

        Ben Franklin is rolling over in his grave


      4. Yes all right thinking Peaceful Moderate Democrats should give me all their Roosevelt dimes, Washington dollars , Jefferson $2 bills, and Andrew Jackson $20s!

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      5. JO:
        You obviously don’t understand the subtleties of sarcasm.

        I’m fully capable of noting FDR’s accomplishments and failures.
        Ample evidence that he suborned a Japanese attack to rally a non-aggressive American electorate into a war versus the Axis powers to which Americans did not wish to enter.
        His disdain for poor Americans is well documented (I like Daniel Yergin’s notations in The Prize). Irrespective, I’m no revisionist and do not support revisionism (unless new documentation supports such changes) ever. I’m fine with keeping FDR’s monuments intact.

        Five hundred years after Columbus set out on an imponderable mission, you find it satisfying to denigrate the achievement because “he wasn’t sensitive to the Native peoples.” Judging by TODAY’S yardstick, Columbus was a cad. Life was a little different 500 years ago, no? I love how revisionists think they can impress their sycophants by changing history from hundreds of years ago.

        I suspect that 500 years from now your comments will be interpreted by a more elite being (more likely an artificial being) and summarily deleted.

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    2. Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Justice Oliver Wendell Homes also supported eugenics. About 60,000 people were forcibly sterilized in this country. It was a terrible thing to do but the answer is not to knock Teddy off of Mount Rushmore. You need to look at it within the context of time and the contributions made by the individual.

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      1. The Founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger , supported eugenics so Planned Parenthood should be banned from America.

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    3. I think we all know that corporations care about profits over people. No surprise there? We have regulation today and lawsuits to keep corporations from running amok like they did in the old Upton Sinclair days.

      You have to start somewhere to change the world.


      1. “I think we all know that corporations care about profits over people.” That is why the major corporations are falling over themselves to bow down to kiss the a$$ of Greater Libtardia and the Peaceful Moderate Democrat Rioters.


      1. As far as know ’67, Chipper doesn’t support eugenics.

        In one year as UCLA HFBC, Chip has recruited more African-Americans than Howard Jones did in 15 years (1925 – 1940) at Bozo U.


    1. LMAO off just rent. Tell that to the accounting teacher at thug U aka ruinville who is suspended because he did not let the blacks take a test at a different time. How dare he doesn’t cow tow to the antifa, protesters, and the rest of the Political Crapness. Im glad he didn’t make an exception. There is no reason for it.

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    1. the problem is people like you trying to call everyone a racist when the opposite is true. I have friends and donate to people of all backgrounds and races. I’m fluent in english and spanish and until tragedy fell was working on adopting two black kids. The truth is many people just have a different view of how to treat history. Probably merits on either side. One the hand I can see feeling belittled by people who hold monuments of slave-holders if I was black. On the other hand I can see merit in judging people by the morals and teachings of the society they grew with instead of the morals and society you grew up in.
      Learn to think instead of just hate.

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      1. Dude:
        I’ve said it to you previously.
        You are far too intelligent and measured to be here….
        But thanks for the cogent talking points.

        I’m sorry that a tragedy derailed your valiant effort.

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    2. Go get help for your TDS Megatron 82. The white boogie man is still occupying the safe space in your head. A racist trying to call all white men, right wingers, and racist. You are nothing but a stereotypical bigot go look in the mirror enough already with your victim-hood lefty loon agenda. I read your post, trying to race bait daily. Well im a minority im your huckleberry! Don’t you for get that partner. All lives matter! Period.
      Proud Patriot for America🇺🇸. Im grateful that I was born in this great country! Not south of the border! Born raised and made in the USA Jose Pablo Gomez not afraid to put my name on it. Good night now.

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  3. I await the time when uber-progressive Carol Dolt is removed from SC. We can then scrub out her stupidity…. and maybe once again have a football team….

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  4. In related news:

    “With the overall goal of optimizing engagement and building community across the Trojan Family, the USC Alumni Association is dissolving all 45 current domestic region-based Alumni Clubs and Chapters as of July 1, 2020, while expanding opportunities for more appealing and diverse virtual and engagement programs featuring volunteer-friendly and customizable engagement opportunities.”

    Going through the entire 20 page document, you will learn that all officially sanctioned alumni groups now have to contact the alumni office at campus for things like permission to use USC logos and whatnot for any event, of any size. This smacks of Disney’s practice of sending cease-and-desist letters to suburban mommies who use Mickey or Minnie’s likeness on birthday invitations that get sent to what, 12 or 15 kids?

    This is not about “engagement” or “customizable engagement opportunities.” The university is scared to death of the woke mob and the student body (some overlap), and want to be sure that some boomer alumnus doesn’t have a Facebook page where he expresses Bad Thoughts that might make people wet their beds.

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    1. Sweet Scoop!

      USC Alumni Association is dissolving all 45 current domestic region-based Alumni Clubs and Chapters as of July 1, 2020

      A moment that will go down in infamy for all USC alumni.

      I one fell swoop, the UCSB taught
      full mooner Democrat kook Folt has just eliminated the traditional base of USC football.

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      1. GoTroy22:
        “The traditional base of USC”
        (ie, take out the word “football”)

        It’s football that brings good Trojans together. It’s our excuse to share.
        When I go to alumni watch parties, no one is watching the game or talking football.

        If President Folt goes through with this edict, she will have lost any loyalty I had for her position.

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    1. No biggie getting rid of Rufus, he was just the President of USC during the Greatest Generation Years in the Great Depression and WWII. Who needs him when we have President Carol Burnett?

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  5. The Wahambulance strikes again! I can’t wait until Folt leaves Heritage Hall. Enough of this liberal PC my feelings are hurt crap at SC we are Trojans not pansies like ruins. Fight on!

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  6. We know the pendulums have to swing. But how far?
    Is it going to go from fascism to socialism eventually and back again?
    Out of 360 million people can’t we find at least one or two qualified, middle of the road presidents?
    Is there anyone out there that can unite this country or at least not polarize it?
    Same questions I had in the 60’s and 70’s.

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  7. The world is becoming more educated as a whole. The new generations are choosing to question and not accepting the garbage that is being pedaled by all political, educational, and religious Corporations. For all the faults that millennials are accused of, I give them credit for at least making their own decisions and not mindlessly following the ignorance of the past.

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    1. WTF are you talking about? The idiotic pussy millennials are the ones rioting in all of the leftist run cities. There has never been a more gullible, moronic generation. You can thank the godless, communist, public schools.

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  8. You guys are all overlooking who is next to get “scrubbed” from USC history.

    There had been some talk of trying to minimize John Wayne’s connection to USC because of his acting career. His mistreatment of American Indians and U.S. foreign enemies while portraying both cowboy and soldier is controversial.

    If Rufus Von Kleinsmid can go, I think there is a good chance the Duke could be next.



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    1. But they loved USC alumnus and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi because he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.


      1. Morsi had his issues but can you imagine who else with a sketchy background is next.






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  9. June 11, 2020

    Dear Trojan Community,

    This moment is our Call to Action, a call to confront anti-Blackness and systemic racism, and unite as a diverse, equal, and inclusive university. You have asked for actions, not rhetoric, and actions, now. Input from students, staff, faculty leadership, deans, our terrific diversity liaisons, our Culture Commission, alumni leaders, and neighbors has been pouring into my office, providing the basis for our first actions.

    These six actions will be launched immediately:

    Removal of the name Von KleinSmid from the Center for International and Public Affairs – Yesterday, the executive committee of the USC Board of Trustees unanimously voted to remove the name and bust of Rufus Von KleinSmid from a prominent historic building on the University Park Campus. Both were removed last night. Students, faculty, staff, and the Nomenclature Policy Committee have pushed for this for years. He was the University’s fifth President, for 25 years. He expanded research, academic programs, and curriculum in international relations. But, he was also an active supporter of eugenics and his writings on the subject are at direct odds with USC’s multicultural community and our mission of diversity and inclusion. Temporarily, the building will be called The Center for International and Public Affairs. We will soon begin an inclusive process to rename the building.

    Community Advisory Board for the Department of Public Safety (DPS) – A Community Advisory Board for DPS was recommended in 2015 by the Provost’s Taskforce on Diversity and Inclusion, but was never fully implemented. We now will implement this, administered by the Provost, reporting directly to me. We need to update and restate the mission. It will be an independent voice advising the university on best practices regarding safety, policing, and the engagement of DPS with our community. The board will include faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, and stakeholders in our neighborhoods. It will look at racial and identity profiling, partnerships with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), financial resources, officer training, education, and disciplinary matters. We are seeking input now on the most effective structure and will have it up and running in a couple of weeks.

    President’s and Provost’s Taskforce on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – This was formed in 2015 by the Provost. It brought about a number of changes, including having deans appoint diversity liaisons in each school and making USC’s diversity demographic data available online. The committee recommended more than 20 actions, but some were not implemented. After broad consultation, I will charge a new committee of students, faculty, and staff to evaluate and strengthen our support for DEI programs. Its top priority will be to identify structural and institutional processes that perpetuate racism and inequality. The committee will help us develop new initiatives, such as mandatory training programs on implicit bias and sensitivity, curricular and extra-curricular offerings on racism, and community building for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and neighbors.

    Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer (CDEIO) – This position has been strongly recommended by our community. I have asked Provost Chip Zukoski and our senior vice president of Human Resources, Felicia Washington, to define the scope of this critical role, with guidance from the diversity liaisons and members of the Trojan community. The Provost and the senior vice president will oversee the search to identify the right candidate, whom we hope to have in place by fall. The CDEIO will be part of my senior leadership team.

    Space and Programming for Underserved Students – Last fall, I asked our vice president for Student Affairs, Winston Crisp, and our Student Affairs team to develop a multi-year proposal to expand on-campus spaces and programmatic support for our student cultural communities. As a first step, we will open new student spaces in the fall on two floors of the Student Union to better serve our underrepresented students. We are launching a new program, First Generation Plus, to provide support and resources for first generation, spring and transfer students as well as our Dreamers. We are also in the first stage of developing more space and programming for our Black, Asian Pacific American, Latinx/Chicanx, Veterans, LGBTQ+ students, Former Foster Youth, Native American, and Middle Eastern students.

    Mandatory Unconscious Bias Training – We urgently need training to raise awareness of conscious and unconscious biases. Our students and others are already developing programs, and I have asked SVP Washington to work with all of you – students, faculty, diversity officers, and staff to develop an online program for fall semester. This is just the first of many initiatives we’ll be undertaking in this area.

    These are just the first actions. We are committed to the longer journey. There is so much we can do together. I am grateful and honored to be your President.

    Respectfully yours,

    Carol Folt signature

    Carol L. Folt

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    1. The full letter from Folt. Some of this sounds like the Cultural Revolution. Mandatory Unconscious Bias Training? Just the first of many?

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      1. Comrade Folt is not talking about changing us into the Stanford or the West or some other more liberal institution. Her letter sounds like a call for re-education camps. Your warnings are spot on trojan 67. This letter is dangerous. Wake up Trojan Nation. It is time to push back against this tyranny.

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    2. Considering how USC has embarrassed itself with Tyndall, Operation Varsity Blues. the coked out Medical School Dean who liked to party with hookers — anything to modernize the dinosaur institution that is the University of Southern California sounds good to me.

      Fight On President Folt!


      1. You mean that embarrassment of a dinosaur known as the Obama loving USC President Nikias? Your solution is to double down on stupid with President Carol Burnett.


  10. Dominoes are falling. More to come. We are taking action. Seems to me the only people whining and complaining are you far right retards!


    1. Megaton –

      Do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself. I have no doubt that you are completely unaware of, nor can you recite your first, second or fourth amendment rights. You’re continual use of leftist talking points and trite socialist euphemisms are insulting everyone’s intelligence.

      Grow up.

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    2. Megatron –

      “We are taking action.” You sound like such a forward-thinking leftist leader. Give everyone here a f##king break. I wouldn’t let you lead me across the street.

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    1. Brilliant scoop Jack-Pudly76, you amaze me with your inside resources. Here’s an idea, why don’t you start your own blog, so we can eliminate Scott Wolf, then we can see how many followers you have ? 😂😂

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  11. CHAZ??!! Wow. I absolutely love reading you old fogey’s melting down minute by minute.
    Nothing you far right morons can do about it. I am going to pop some more popcorn because this is sheer entertainment. My University and my football team support #BLM.


    1. Megatron –

      Sadly, you and your university support the destruction of the bill of rights and the promotion of the fall of the republic. Go ahead and pop some more popcorn but let’s make something very clear…you’ll be eating it in a Orwellian dystopia.

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  12. The world is going full retard. Get used to one river of crap after another right up to the Nov. election.

    I normally don’t comment on other people’s decisions but the SC President had a good reason at the time to believe the way he did. My father had a camping trip courtesy of Uncle.Sam & spent 3yrs in the Pacific Theater. No one who made it through that time had any love for the enemy. Some pretty grizzly stuff was going on. If a serviceman was captured alive, his best bet was to eat a bullit.

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    1. He’s gone now, but I appreciate your dad’s service Cal75.

      I binge-watched Ken Burn’s series on WWII last year (got the DVD’s from Santa).*
      The fighting in the Pacific was shear brutality. And unrelenting. I bet he was a good dad.

      I wonder what your dad and his surviving buddies would say to us today?

      *Just finished binge-watching Mr. Burn’s series on Viet Nam during our lock down.
      Equally brutal fighting.

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      1. Bourbon,
        Geo.H.W. Bush was a pilot in WW2. All nine planes in his formation were shot down over Chicijima. All nine pilots ejected safely. Prevailing winds took 8 pilots toward the island. Bush was blown out to sea and rescued. The 8 pilots were picked up and eaten by the enemy. Skinned alive first.

        I’m wondering why those truth seeking SJW in Palo Alto are going to recognize just how nasty Leland Jr. treated minorities. That school literally has blood on it’s hands from the money made by exploiting minorities.

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      2. Cal75:
        I recall watching the interview of President GHW Bush (after he left office) as he discussed his plane being shot down over Chichijima and his rescue. He was brought to tears recounting the fate of his comrades. He was a fine American. Warfare in the Pacific theatre was particularly barbaric.

        Even most educated people don’t know that of the 40 million who died in the European theatre in WWII, HALF WERE “INNOCENT” non-combatant civilians!*

        We will always share a certain animus for the Stanfurdians. An arrogant lot they are.
        And yes, hard to respect Leland Stanford, Jr College when their namesake made his money as an exploitative robber baron railroad tycoon. I root against Cal 5 days a year (FB, MBB x2, water polo x2). Go Bears (otherwise)!

        Would President Folt support taking down the statue of Leland Stanford, Jr due to his oppression of asians?

        *”Postwar,” Tony Judt 2006

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  13. All i read is… wah wah wah i am 90 years old and my archaic ideologies do not fly anymore… wah wah wah. Actually, I am eating my popcorn and reading your meltdowns from my comfy recliner.


    1. A systemic defect inseparable from the system requires wholesale replacement of the system. That’s the game with the systemic-racism canard. The goal isn’t civic equality or respect — both widely supported, both fully achievable in-system. The goal, as Matthew Peterson has noted, is regime change.

      This is why you see the aggressive de-legitimization of state force, police and military alike. The capacity for violence that is properly the monopoly of any functioning state is stripped away through the closing of the necessary political space. You’re seeing it already: police won’t police, prosecutors won’t prosecute, the man in charge of the Army of the United States issues public apologies, the city fathers of Seattle abandon governance of their own urban core, even “Cops” is cancelled. The state writ large, the sole bearer of democratic legitimacy, is enervated and unsure. Solzhenitsyn would have recognized it: it looks like St Petersburg in 1917. The powerful abandon their duties of stewardship, having absorbed and believed their enemies’ critiques of themselves.

      When the regime changes, the people in charge will be the same ones conducting ideological purges and smashing statuary now. It will be rule by Americans with the aesthetic ethos of the Taliban and the social ethos of Mao’s China. We aren’t there yet — but we are a long way toward it. Events accelerate, and once everyone is on board — once the nice lady on CNN who worked on Capitol Hill as senior staff gets her wish of stripping you and me of George Washington and the whole Founding — then the network coalesces and they seize the reins. The existing superstructure is too attenuated to use the power at its disposal, neither for its own preservation nor for the protection of the people whom it is supposed to serve.

      The new one won’t be.

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      1. Beautifully articulated, Mr goTroy22.

        While I was a premed at USC, I still spent thousands of hours of my young life at vKC studying economics, international relations, and poli sci in the early 1980’s. It was time well spent, and I absorbed a vast diversity of opinion in those hallowed halls from the international student body of 160+ different countries. I skipped the 100 and 200 level courses (cuz I could do that back then) and went straight to the 300 and 400 level classes.

        I recall a Professor reminding us that to be sovereign, a country must be capable of
        1. Protecting its borders.
        2. Devaluing its currency (when times demand)
        3. Legislating its electorate
        4. Taxing its electorate
        5. a few more things I cannot recall, but these are the big ones.

        The events of the past many days do not challenge America’s sovereignty, but change is coming our way. I trust our system above any other on the planet (though my wife and I do ponder moving to Switzerland) and the change will be measured and beneficial. America will be the better for it.

        Everyone is emotionally charged right now–justifiably so. The rhetoric is charged.
        Soon enough, all sides will come to the table and talk through the details of appropriate and necessary change. I wish it would come swiftly.

        As a young surgeon in LA and Denver from 1984-94 I saw hundreds of young black and latino men die of urban violence and drug and alcohol addiction. Crack cocaine hit both places with vengence. Every other night we tried to save lives (we slept at our tawdry homes every other night). Their lives mattered to us.

        I also did see two police officers die in the hospital of injuries while serving their community. Their lives mattered to us.

        If a person of color cannot walk down the streets of America without fear FROM THE STATE, then I don’t want to live in that place. If my wife and I cannot walk down the street to the park or to dinner on the town, then I don’t want to live in that place.
        In 1980’s South Central LA and East LA/Hollenbeck, I never walked anywhere.

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  14. All i read was… wah wah wah Black Lives Matter is ruining my life so let me try and make this about the constitution… wah wah wah. Cry baby far right white nationalist retards! you guys are hilarious!! So upset that America is trying right some of the egregious wrongs of the forefathers. Do you have anymore fictional George Orwell novels to reference? i am asking for a friend. BTW, that Orange a$$h0le cannot even spell his own name (Donald Ttump) and that is just the tip of the iceberg for that moron.


  15. Ok I will pass that information on. I do not read fiction i read facts! My life is being destroyed? That’s funny i just got two new investment properties and paid off my mortgage last month. Huh, who would have thought my life was being destroyed. Thanks for letting me know.


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