It’s A Big Night . . . If You Have Pac-12 Network

The Pac-12 Network is showing five USC games tonight, including the 2011 upset of No. 4-ranked Oregon in Eugene.

Of course, this only applies for those who actually get the Pac-12 Network.

23 thoughts on “It’s A Big Night . . . If You Have Pac-12 Network

    1. 67 —Larry Scott has actually put out a statement responding to your post:
      “trojan1967’s remarks of 6/12/20 are an insult to dozens upon dozens of Pac 12 Network Subscribers!”

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      1. Unfortunate fact of life: not every talented receiver’s body stands up to the punishment of college football conditioning…

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  1. Can someone somehow copy the games and upload to Youtube?




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      1. Edited football games are un-American.


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      2. ..But it’s fun to hear the play by play cut off and resume in a way that leaves most sentences incomplete….

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  2. This is a new twist…

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      1. Dumb ass at it again! See this was liked by 4 creeps Guarino, Pudly 76,
        Trojan 67 and Bourbon4me. You all are racist pricks and gutless no
        bodies who give USC a bad name. You obviously learned nothing if
        you even attended the school including that useless lawyer.


      2. You poor triggered Snowflake! No wonder you have to use so many sock puppets to make up for us having a good time here. It must suck to be you, Libtard.


      3. Well, Mr. “S” down below did get one thing right when he dismissed the “useless lawyer.”


    1. The Eyes of Texas
      Hank Thompson
      I once did know a President,
      Away down South, in Texas.
      And, always, everywhere he went,
      He saw the eyes of Texas.
      The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
      All the live long day.
      The Eyes of Texas are upon you,
      You can not get away.
      Do not think you can escape them
      At night or early in the morn
      The Eyes of Texas are upon you
      ‘Till Gabriel blows his horn.
      Sing me a song of Prexy,
      Of days long since gone by.
      Again I seem to great him
      And hear his kind reply.
      Smiles of gracious welcome
      Before my memory rise,
      Again I hear him say to me,
      “Remember Texas’ Eyes.”

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