USC Stat Of The Day

Remember back in March, Clay Helton said on “Trojans Live” that 30 players underwent surgery since August?

Well, that’s now 32 following the recent injuries to wide receiver Kyle Ford and linebacker Eli’jah Winston.

35 thoughts on “USC Stat Of The Day

  1. That is a horrible stat of the day.

    Kyle won’t be ready until next season. Hopefully Eli’jah will be ready by second half of season.

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    1. I pitched batting practice that day. Never so glad to win that game. It was on a Saturday night and if we had lost that game Omaha had a “blue” law at the time which prohibited Sunday games. We would have had to wait until Monday night to play and the head back to LA on Tuesday. Ten days in Omaha is a long time. Kuehner double right down the right field line that hit the wall and Rich McCombs scored from first to win it.

      So “S” you libtard asshole, I did participate. What about you?

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    1. This how it should be, Pudly! Players understand that, since the NFL is coming apart over political differences, there won’t be any paydays for playing football after they graduate. So why waste time? They can end their careers over political differences right now…

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      1. Stuff like like this just demonstrates how far we are from dealing intelligently with George Floyd’s death…..

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    1. All good wishes to a players’ player. Very few Trojans have understood [or played] team ball better than Michael…..

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  2. Far right wing asshole ideologies are dead! stop listening to the white nationalist propaganda posts on this thread. All “fake news” these people use references from Breitbart news which is a far right extremist news site founded by Andrew Breibart and in the websites own words “Displays overly racist content”. USC as a university and damn sure as a football team does not want the support of these people on this blog!
    Scott! we love you and the hard hitting journalism you conduct. However, The racist views on this blog have been exposed. The football team is well aware of the views on this blog. Ryan Abraham suggested to me that this is the reason he does not ever reference you or this blog because of all the far right racially charged undertones of this blog. Nothing wrong with being a republican, But there is everything wrong with people who support inequality and injustices. Ok, all you old fogey bigots and uninformed assholes can go back to crying and complaining.

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      1. A party that runs someone in poor Joe’s condition (hoping no one will notice?) can’t be trusted to run the country…..

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      1. I usually have positive reactions to what Megatron’s got to say —-

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  3. LMAO. All facts! i will check back when Donald ( who was a Democrat as recently as 2009 ) goes down and takes all of your archaic ideologies with him. Poor saps do not realize he just used you guys because you people are so easy to brain wash. I guess all of Donald’s trembling and inability to use his left arm is of no concern to you people huh? Lol. Back to your melt down.

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      1. Ignorance is bliss eh pjm?

        Trump’s speech really knocked them dead at West Point?

        Trump also claims”a million people have RSVP’d for the available 19k seats” at his upcoming Tulsa Campaign Rally. One million is twice the population of Tulsa. Hmmmmmm!


      1. 30 years ago, Joe was only a bit more coherent than the babbling geezer of today. Even back in the day, he kept repeating himself over and over, trying to figure out what to say next, and he struggles to create any semblance of a linear thought process in which statement A logically leads to statement B, and so forth.

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  4. Some of you on this site only need to look in the mirror to find an old style race obsessed Republican posing bigot.


  5. I have struggled though the remarks today.
    Winners & losers.
    WINNERS…Linkster grooving fastballs in ’68..clear winner.
    LOSERS….Mule…for Hi-5ing IQ81 formally IQ82. IQ81 a close second.



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