USC Ranked No. 1 By One Measure

USC has the nation’s No. 1-ranked non-conference football schedule, according to the Oklahoman.

“Alabama in Arlington, New Mexico, Notre Dame. Crimson Tide and the Fighting Irish. You can always count on the Trojans to uphold college football pride,” the article states.

This is the thing with USC: The non-conference schedule is difficult. But then you throw in the Pac-12 games and compare that to SEC and Big Ten teams and the overall schedule looks a lot more favorable than what those other teams deal with every season.

It’s part of the dilemma of being in the Pac-12. You don’t get pushed much but maybe that’s a reason the conference doesn’t do much when it comes to the College Football Playoff.

10 thoughts on “USC Ranked No. 1 By One Measure

  1. Pac-12 has 3 positions in the top 10, according to this publication.

    The trees and the ducks are the other two.

    Cool photo also – that was a big game for Vaughans against the Irish in South Bend.

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    1. We want to see so many catches like that in November 2020 …that Kelly turns red and explodes…. all over the Notre Dame cheerleaders…

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  2. Nobody plays USC soft. Except for Claymore Helton. I’ve seen grown women cry as Stanford beat USC. There might no be a better team in the conference than the one playing USC that week.

    Okay if you believe that I have a magazine subscription I need to peddle

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  3. Scooter,

    The reason the SCE is so tough is because the press and tv pretend it to be. Most the sec teams around a .500 team. Did the PAC 12 beat up some sec teams last year? Yes, LSU and bama are the cream, but after that who is that good? Yes the PAC 12 is down, but usually you have two outstanding teams like SC and Washginton. Just look at the sec objectively that is all.


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