If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

USC’s been pretty pro-active when it comes to sending a message on its philosophy during the recent protests.

With that in mind, it is reasonable to assume the odds of the next USC football coach being African American are better than at any time in school history.

It’s kind of shameful USC’s never had an African American defensive coordinator, let alone a head coach. It has had three African American offensive coordinators (John Jackson, Hue Jackson, Tee Martin).

For a school in Los Angeles, it is not a proud moment that five Pac-12 schools currently have African American coaches (most in the nation) while USC has never had one. I can’t even remember USC being close to hiring an African American football coach.

I’m sure some reading this are already getting riled up. To be clear, USC needs to hire the best candidate (how many times has that happened again?). But it also needs to give African American candidates a fair-and-equal chance, which it hasn’t done in the past. That shouldn’t be a controversial position.

  • I’m hearing USC’s coaching staff might not be allowed on campus until late July, about two weeks before the start of training camp.
  • Looking for good news? According to a University of Washington spokesperson, there were zero positive COVID-19 cases among the 80 student-athletes tested Monday. USC players are scheduled to be tested next Monday.
  • USC’s leading hitter this past season, Ben Wanger, who hit .410, has transferred to Miami. A first baseman-pitcher, Wanger also had three saves and a 0.00 ERA.
  • The USC Alumni Assn. has upset some graduates by taking away automy from around 45 regional chapters and alumni clubs. That means these clubs would no longer control their scholarship funds or even events, according to some alumni.
  • And now for some history:

The picture below is notable for two reasons: It features Addison Hawthorne (upper left), the first African-American player at USC since 1925. And the Notre Dame players on the sidelines appear to be wearing pith helmets. Was it that hot on Nov. 29, 1953?

  • Did you know the famed movie director Sam Peckinpah got his master’s degree in drama from USC in 1950?

Peckinpah was known for his Westerns: The Wild Bunch (1969); Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973) and Ride The High Country (1962) to name just three. He also directed The Getaway (1972) with Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw.

Sam Peckinpah (left) with Chuck Connors in the late 1950’s. Peckinpah wrote and directed several episodes of The Rifleman

Here’s the McGee twins, Paula (left) and Pam, after winning the 1984 NCAA title at Pauley Pavilion. Photo by the great Jon SooHoo, who is also a USC grad.


74 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. For once, USC should follow the impressive resume protocol, when hiring the next football coach, it’s that simple.


    1. USC recruits dual threat QB’s of color, but has no intention of letting them play the position…they always try and convert them to WR or DB.

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      1. The only recent USC QB that was a minority that played, Mark Sanchez, only played because USC had no one else worth a shit at the position.


      2. You Democrats are the intolerant ones.

        Consider these examples from June 2020 alone.

        A distinguished University of Chicago macroeconomist has been suspended as editor of the Journal of Political Economy, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago has cut ties with him, and he is under investigation by his university for alleged classroom “discriminatory behavior” regarding race. All because he criticized the “defund the police” mantra, questioned the sincerity of folks who defended the NFL take a knee movement, and allegedly made a poorly worded joke about MLK six years ago.

        A psychology professor at the University of Central Florida saw protesters actually come to his home — his home — last Saturday. He’s become the target of a very aggressive campaign to get him fired because he argues there’s something called “Black privilege,” citing examples such as affirmative action, blacks-only scholarships and other set asides.

        A longtime Cornell Law School professor was publicly censured by his dean after the professor used the word “wilding” and dared criticize the Black Lives Matter movement by pointing out its “hands up don’t shoot” narrative is based on falsehoods. Now students demand peers boycott his classes.

        At Grove City College, a highly respected political science professor and national expert on subjects such as Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II has become the target of a malicious smear campaign, with activists initially calling for him to resign or be fired and accusing him of spreading white supremacy before they backed down, if only slightly, after he retained attorneys.

        At UCLA, its leaders removed an accounting lecturer from teaching because he told a student who asked for special treatment for black students amid racially charged protests and riots “no.” The scholar needed police protection following threats against his safety.

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      3. When pudly, gotroll22, linkster and mg aren’t sitting around stroking one another outside the Galen Center they can be found underneath the Tommy Trojan statue in their toga gowns dancing around to this…



      4. Willie Davis, Jim Jones, Vince Evans, and Rodney Peete all played quarterback at USC. Pete Carroll recruited Rocky Hinds as a quarterback but Hinds transferred when he realized that he could not beat out Matt Leinert and John David Booty and Mark Sanchez was coming in the next year. You accusations of racism at USC are unsupported.

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      5. USC has employed four QB’s of color throughout their 100+ years of fielding a football team, while being set in the most diverse city on the west coast.

        Throughout all that time, being established in the city of Los Angeles, you’re going to tell me that USC could only recruit a handful of QB’s of color they believed were worthy or talented enough to play the QB position?

        Damn, some of you fucking clowns are really fucking stupid, can’t read the writing on the wall.


      6. Jason Thomas, Rocky Hinds, and Jalen Green all never got a chance. Not saying they would have been the best player for the job.
        It’s weird that USC hasn’t had a quarterback that is a threat as a runner since when??????

        Rodney? Was he even in that category?
        Why can’t USC have a Michael Vick or Vince Young type of quarterback these days. They seem to be popular and we sure like losing to these qbs.


      1. Tebow – it is so priceless YouTube has taken it done. Maher is a wind bag asshole. Egotist beyond belief. Watch him with no audience, he fucking stinks.

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      2. One thing’s clear —Watching Maher w/o an audience is not priceless. It’s kinda sad. Everybody his producer’s booked is beating Maher up so bad that he just ends by saying “I hope you’ll come back when I have a fawning audience to cheer me on.”

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      3. YouTube didn’t take the video down, there’s a link provided in the caption where it’s underlined saying, “watch this video on YouTube”.

        Not only can’t you spell correctly, you obviously can’t read.

        Maher points out that three other religions came hundreds of years before Christianity where their diety story is the same. Diety a carpenter, born of a virgin, resurrected and whose birth is celebrated on the 25th of December.


      4. “One thing’s clear —Watching Maher w/o an audience is not priceless.”

        – MG

        And yet this clown MG can’t look away from the show. What a dope, ruined his own damn self. LOL!


      5. Let me let you in on a little secret, Tebow — Maher isn’t the last word on these matters. [I understand University of Oxford has some scholars who discuss these matters rather extensively….maybe you should get in touch with them]….

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      6. Oxford scholars? LOL!

        Do those Oxford scholars offer proof that religion didn’t exist before Christianity?

        MG, you can really be one stupid son of a bitch. Damn son!


      7. I was hoping for a lame response —but “Oxford Scholars? LOL!” is beyond my most optimistic expectations……

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      8. Those Oxford scholars, do they offer proof that religion didn’t exist before Christianity? You backed yourself into a corner with no way out.


      9. Monotheism is an original concept. It is uniquely Jewish and later adopted by Christians. Every other ancient culture believed in hundreds on Gods.

        Christians and Jews believe that God created the heavens and earth. He spoke it into existence. This is consistent with the Big Bang theory and science has now confirmed that theory. So what does Bill Maher believe? That the universe always existed or that there is a multiverse, something that can not be validated through the scientific method.
        Ask Mr. Maher why there is something rather than nothing?

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      10. That’s the problem, Plow Horse —nobody really gives a shit what Maher believes. [I was listening to some leading theoretical physicists discuss the weakness of gravity [in relation to the other forces that operate on matter] and, at some point, they mentioned the sparticle —which, they say, is the necessary reciprocal notion to the graviton. The only problem? There is no graviton…or, by extension, sparticle. They’re just fun theoretical constructs. All things considered, I’ll take the extraordinary insights of the great line of Jewish prophets — Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. And the Beatitudes of Jesus.

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      1. WOW Warren went to a JC, maybe you better check out his grades and high school resume before you label everyone in college football racists. Condredge Holloway was starting QB at Tennessee and Cornelius Green was starting at QB at Ohio State when you claim everyone in college football were racists. Maybe you better limit yourself to subject you know something about like History of Swiss Dentistry.

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      2. O.J. couldn’t spell his own name and he got into USC.

        There goes gotroll22’s argument…shot to hell.



      3. ” maybe you better check out his grades and high school resume before you label everyone in college football racists.”

        senileobama flunked reading comprehension 1



    2. “President Carol Burnett is turning USC into The Stanford of the West.”

      – gotroll22


      Stanford is in the west. gotroll22 clowned the shit out of himself…that is Priceless!


    3. All you mofos who wrote Ford Motors to delay the release the date of the new Bronco from my 73rd birthday to July 13 raise your hand! WHO THE FU@K DID THAT?! Who’s the slimy little communist shiet, twinkle-toed $ocksucker down here who just signed his own death warrant?! Nobody, huh? The fairy fu@king godmother said it. Out-fu@king-standing. I will not rest until you fu@king DIE! I’ll will find you until your a$$holes are sucking buttermilk!

      #itDidntFit #OJisDabest #cantspelltrOJanswithoutOJSIMPSON

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  2. Just stirring it up aren’t you Scotty? Do you really think USC would not hire the best coach if he were black? Every day of your life is dedicated to spinning some negative crap about USC. Do you make a livable salary doing this? It seems like you would want your life to mean something.


      1. USC had Mike Garrett and Lynn Swann as athletic directors, both African American. Why does Scott believe these two would not give a talented black football coach an equal chance at an open coaching position. Any evidence to support this allegation.

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      1. Bad news for you libtards, two of your favorite preachy Moderate Democrat late night hosts are under pressure to Resign With Honor because of their wearing black face. Come on and tell us, why are you Democrats so racist?


  3. If Pat Haden hadn’t been too lazy to conduct a real search for a coach, we wouldn’t have Helton. Hiring a coach just because his skin is dark is not a good idea. Hiring a great coach who happens to have dark skin is a better idea.
    I doubt USC is going to place an ad in the paper “Head football coach wanted must have dark skin.” USC should pledge to be color blind when they are hiring. Saying they are equal opportunities doesn’t really cut it.

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      1. Here are your fellow republican Trump supporters chanting, “Jews will not replace us”…your kind of people.


    1. Tebowobama, I know you are just yanking people’s chains here, but you really have begun to look childish. I don’t know what school or team you claim loyalty to, but why do you denigrate them with such childish rhetoric?
      The article you posted claiming Jesus is a copycat religious belief was interesting. If it hadn’t been published in an online version of World Weekly News, I might have looked closer, but above the headline for your story is a headline about an Alien claim that multiple alien civilizations are trying to contact us.
      Please continue your silly posts as they add an air of importance to your day, but from now on I will scroll on when I see your posts.

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  4. “The USC Alumni Assn. has upset some graduates by taking away automy from around 45 regional chapters and alumni clubs.”

    Not quite. I’ve seen the document and they’re not “taking away autonomy,” the clubs are being dissolved. If you can stand to read all 20 pages of the word salad that was put out, you’ll notice that you have to get explicit permission from the alumni association office on campus to put on any kind of event or to use the Trojan logo. This reminds me of what Disney is said to do: if they catch wind of a suburban soccer mommy using Mickey or Minnie’s likeness on a birthday party invitation that might be seen by a dozen people, they send a cease and desist letter.

    I get it that the university is worried about social media and wants to have as much control over this stuff as it can, but the alumni groups are run by volunteers. If you make putting on a watch party or other type of event too much of a bother, a certain percentage of those volunteers are going to decide it’s not worth the hassle and the events just won’t get held.

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      1. By the way doubters, “Stanford of the West” is a metaphor, not a place or a geographical location…

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  5. USC is far more racist than most people want to admit. Just read the far right white nationalist rhetoric on this blog. Scott knows he has far right retards all over this blog which is why he keeps posting things with racial and political undertones while telling you white nationalist where he stands.


    1. I’ve always liked [& respected you], Megatron —so let me float a possibility worth contemplating: Racism sucks but nationalism might be the opposite of racism. Nations CAN & SHOULD respect each other —and diverse nations CAN & SHOULD respect their own citizens. All of them. And this thing we call “globalism” —maybe it’s just another word for “China.” And, believe me, if that’s the case, I don’t foresee a lot of tolerance in the world of the future….

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