Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week


Don’t write off the Ducks in Southern California yet after they got a commitment from Mater Dei cornerback Jaylin Davies.

USC season-ticket holders

They can “opt-in” or “opt-out” of their season tickets. Depending on how many are allowed inside the Coliseum, USC might actually hope for some to “opt out.”

Anna Cockrell

She’s already an NCAA champion and now is the spokesperson for the United Black Student-Athletes Association, which makes her an influential figure for USC athletics.

Miller Moss

The four-star QB got accepted to Mater Dei! Now everyone can relax.

Cal football

A $1.9 million pay day to play at Notre Dame in 2022. That means Notre Dame plays three Pac-12 schools in a single season. The Irish must really want to go to the College Football Playoff.


Coronavirus test results

A lot of disappointing numbers at schools so far. Will USC release its test results this week?

Die-hard USC fans

If you see college football stadiums at only 20 percent capacity, than means around 16,000 at the Coliseum . . . if there is a season.

USC employees

Some are frustrated that they haven’t been given a target date yet on when they might be able to return to campus.

48 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Loser of the Week

    Donald Trump

    Slapped Down by the SCOTUS twice and his Tulsa rally was a huge flop drawing only 6,200 trumpsters in an arena that holds 19,000.


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    1. Loser of the week:

      Senile Joe Biden

      He gets single figures to his rally while Trump gets over 6000 plus 5 million TV viewers


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      1. Biggest Losers: 14 Black Americans getting killed in Chicago Fathers Day Weekend while racist libs like senileobama, IQ82 and Clay Russell call for Defunding the Police!


      2. Trump has decided to blame his Tulsa Rally debacle on his 2020 Campaign Mgr., Brad Parscale. Thing is 22, the deplorables weren’t in Tulsa to see Mr. Parscale.


    2. Loser of the Century:

      Robin Williams

      The Taliban Democrats have banned the statue of Teddy Roosevelt he portrayed in Night At The Museum and craven lib Ben Stiller supports it!


      1. Loser:

        Ben Stiller

        The craven lib support the Peaceful Moderate Democrat Rioters getting rid of the statue of Teddy Roosevelt featured in his “Night At The Museum” series of movies while his movie “Tropic Thunder” featured a lead character in Back Face!

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      1. Looks like someone is triggered.

        The incompetent attorney MG who went along with gotroll22 and pudwacker, believing that Trump could go after and prosecute a bunch of teenagers on TikTok who wrecked Trump’s Tulsa rally with phony reservations…AHA HA HA HA!

        That’s right folks, MG said that what those teenagers did was illegal, interferring in a presidential campaign.

        That is the most ridiculous and stupidest shit ever stated on this blog and that incompetent clown, so called attorney Michael Guarino or whatever his name is, doubled down on that stupidity which I shared on other forums where MG is now seen as the fucking laughingstock that he is. Even posted his stupidity on some UC Davis sites.

        What are these idiots gotroll22, mg and pudwacker even talking about referring to “hits”?

        Maybe they’ve been dropping hits of acid with cal75 hippie…who knows



      2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Epic meltdown by the preachy lying Libtard!

        Poor TulsaTrojan aka senileobama is afraid he is going to the Graybar Hotel.


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      3. Just think, senileobama not only spams our site but also posts as TulsaTrojan on Wild West and posts as TippedCow on the UC Davis Aggie site. I heard he posts as BJClinton on the Po-LIB-ico site and as NinaBurleigh on the Daily Yeast Infection blog….


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      4. It you are a Bovine-ophile like senileobama, there is nothing like the annual Blue-Green Rivalry between the Aggies and Gauchos for soccer Supremacy! Talk about some hot looking heifers in the crowd!

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    3. Loser Trump Walk of Shame, honestly looks like he is crying…WOW!

      Walk of Shame starts at 1:48 into the video

      Trump is done…finished!


      1. Good Lord, it looked like Trump was going to collapse. No Melania or Barron to greet him, even they were ashamed and didn’t want to be seen with him.

        Holy Smokes!

        Someone at the White House should put Trump on Suicide Watch…seriously

        Maybe they could get that clown gotroll22🤡 to sit by Trump’s bedside.



      2. Cheap Thrills at the Senile Joe Biden “Rally”

        What Joe Biden’s Event Was Like

        By Lisa Lerer

        New York Times

        Updated June 22, 2020, 1:28 p.m. EDT.

        DARBY, Pa. — In 2020, presidential campaigning is either chaos or quiet.

        Over the course of my career covering politics, I have attended hundreds of presidential campaign events.

        I’ve never been to one anything like Joe Biden’s economic address in the Philadelphia suburbs today.

        There was no soundtrack of carefully selected, inoffensive pop music blasting in the background.

        No reporters fighting over power outlets and positioning.

        No rope line for the candidate to walk, shaking hands and snapping selfies.

        Oh, and hardly any voters.

        About 20 handpicked local officials, small-business owners and reporters sat in folding chairs, each placed within a large white circle taped on the floor of a recreation center to maintain — or at least encourage — social distancing. A few attendees whispered to each other as photographers quietly chatted. You could hear the clack of typing echoing across the room.

        The silence was striking.

        Nearly everyone wore masks. Before entering, a Biden campaign worker took our temperatures and asked if we had shown any symptoms of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

        “We are going to get started in just a minute,” a staff member announced. “Today’s event has been set up to adhere to social distancing guidelines.”

        Then, Mr. Biden appeared.

        He arrived with such little fanfare that I didn’t even notice him enter the room.

        There was no introduction by an organizer to pump up a crowd that wasn’t there, as is typical with campaign events.

        He just stood behind a lectern, pasted with the placard “Reopen Right: Safer and Stronger,” and began reading a speech off the teleprompters, assailing President Trump.


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      3. Winner:

        Senile Joe Biden’s Deadbeat Dad Cokehead Son Hunter, who scored an easy $3.1 million thanks to Daddy

        UPDATE: BREAKING…More Biden Audio Tapes From Ukraine…Discussing Destroying Witnesses To Corruption, Planning Organized Crime Schemes…Detained Witness Alleges He Was Arrested And Poisoned While Traveling To US To Testify

        by CD Media Staff

        June 22, 2020139291

        More audio tapes were released today in Ukraine where Joe Biden talks with corrupt former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The two discuss destroying Ukrainian oligarch Alexander Onyshchenko, who released corruption evidence against Poroshenko in 2016. Onyshchenko fled the country that year.

        George Soros was implicated today in press conference as aiding the corrupt schemes.

        Here is local media outlining the results of today’s press conference.

        Excerpt from local Ukrainian press…

        Poroshenko thanked Biden for his help in the fight against Onishchenko.

        Ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in December 2016 thanked US Vice President Joe Biden for help from the CIA in the fight against Alexander Onishchenko.

        Record of the corresponding conversation at a press conference on June 22 was announced by people’s deputy Andrei Derkach.

        So, in December 2016, Poroshenko during a conversation with Biden was very worried about Onishchenko’s communication with the FBI. He told Biden that he would like to know what was at stake. Biden assured that he had already talked with the FBI and that they would not work with Onishchenko.

        And in another conversation, Poroshenko already thanks Biden for the help from the CIA in the fight against Alexander Onishchenko.

        Onyshchenko was arrested on an Interpol warrant by Ukrainian authorities in late 2019 in Germany as he was traveling to the United States to testify against Biden during the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

        Ukrainian MEP Derkatch is holding a live press conference now releasing information on Biden crime family and Democratic Party corruption in Ukraine. Soros and other American officials are implicated in today’s press conference — essentially alleging American officials have enriched themselves by laundering American aid money in Ukraine.

        Corruption evidence of Democrat organized crime in Ukraine released today by Ukrainian member of parliament
        First results of the press conference…in short, the Obama/Biden State Department, CIA, FBI in Ukraine were allegedly all on board in organized crime schemes…

        The first results of the Derkach conference: (loose translation)

        The Biden family received more than $ 3 million from Burisma;
        For the closure of the case, Burisma offered a bribe of $ 50 million;
        Biden demanded that Poroshenko not touch Kobolev, who allegedly wanted to remove the ex-head of the Cabinet of Ministers Volodymyr Groysma

        The Americans roamed Kobolev for joint earnings on the pseudo-reverse of Russian gas when they bought it through Slovakia with a margin;

        Naftogaz of Ukraine established a “corrupt rent”, due to which about $ 1.5 billion was stolen from citizens of Ukraine;

        Former Deputy Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko Enin (Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine) is a “liaison” in Kiev, State Department official George Kent (former US Deputy Ambassador to Ukraine);

        Prime Minister Groysman was forced to comply with the IMF requirements.

        Otherwise, the Americans would not give credit guarantees.

        On the next film, Poroshenko is very worried about Onishchenko’s communication with the FBI. Tells Biden that he would like to know what is at stake.

        Biden assured that he had already talked with the FBI and that they would not work with Onishchenko.


    4. Loser of the Decade: The Narrative

      There is no more trust in the Fake News Mediacrats who search for every instance of a hate crime except when it doesn’t fit their DNC approved talking points.


      1. It would never have occurred to me to vandalize statues of Jesus, but that’s what is next up on your Peaceful Moderate Democrat Rioters agenda.


    5. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

      The IQ82, senileobama, Owns, s-head Peaceful Moderate Democrats even vandalized a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn!


  2. Loser of the Blog

    Tebow / 44

    No progressives have won Democrat senate primaries. The squad is likely to lose a couple of house seats in November.
    Rumor of the day in DC, Rick Scott may replace Pence on ticket.

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    1. Biggest Loser:

      Taliban Democrats reputation in Spain

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  3. Question for Mr. Scott Wolf, was wondering if you have seen or know where a picture could be found of Cindy McCain who was a USC Song Girl in 1975 & ’76.

    Cindy Hensley. I hear she was quite the looker. Many people have tried to find a picture of her in her Song Girl outfit, but with no luck.

    I think she would make for a great ‘Picture of the Day’.


    1. Loser of the Week: TulsaTrojan aka senileonbama’s favorite libtard racists:

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      1. gotroll22 should be asking himself, “With so many supposed racist leftist, why hasn’t Trump and the GOP been able to lock up the Black & Latino vote?”

        Here’s the answer, because the overwhelming majority of Blacks & Latinos know that Trump and gotroll22’s “Big Tent” republican party are actually racist to the core. Just like gotroll22.


      2. Biggest loser: Kansas City Chiefs
        Now the racist Libs like SenileObama aka TulsaTrojan want to ban that word!

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      3. Good news for a racist loser like you, TulsaTrojan aka senileobama- there is hope for your redemption:

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  4. The scheduled demolition of the Tommy Trojan statue has been put on hold as administrators wait for the next cycle of political correctness. Should Joe Biden wake up alive on Election Day, the statue will be removed. The Trojans were slave owners and aggressive warriors who liked wooden horses.
    Students across town released their bear statue into the wild, claiming it was the right thing to do. The statue will live out its days in an undisclosed location behind the 7-11 on 4th street, where bears have been known to congregate.
    Loser of the year: Americans as the Z generation has taken the apology of our past president as historically accurate. They will fix what the boomers fuxed.

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    1. It’s been reported (by Homer) that the Trojan love affair with wooden horses ended pretty much overnight…….

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  5. Black EVIL destroying America go around Tearing Down Statues Burning them writing crap on them…Burning Buildings breaking in to stores and stealing…that is Pure Evil….just look at the Crime Murders Rapist Drug dealers you let take over your City….U must love to live in Evil….that U created with Obama the TRUTH is in Chicago…… which U Can NOT handle the Truth. ….U know who u are….


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