Larry Scott’s Pay Cut Is Almost Up

Remember when Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said he was taking a 20 percent pay cut for three months?

Well, it ends next week. He makes $5.3 million a year so his pay cut was $265,000.

Talk about sacrificing during a pandemic.

Here’s a good column by John Canzano of the Oregonian on how Scott and the Pac-12 have hid behind the pandemic. Click here for column.

14 thoughts on “Larry Scott’s Pay Cut Is Almost Up

  1. It’s just a matter of time before the PAC 12 has there membership as a P5 conference revoked under the misguidance of that clown Larry Scott.

    Scott is almost as good at ruining athletics as C.L. Max Nikias.


  2. “has their membership”…before the grammar police notice and think they’re going to be clever and call me out on it.



  3. For years, Larry Scott has stated he would lead the Pac-12 to the Promised Land on the next round of Media Contracts. Problem is, after all of the cumulative damage done to the reputation of the conference under his so called leadership, the Promised Land will likely be a back water swamp in the middle of Washington. It is pathetically incredible to me how incompetence in this country continues to get handsomely rewarded.

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  4. Good article, and spot on regarding the incredibly expensive league office in downtown SF. Simply no way that can be justified now.

    Larry really flushed the conference when he couldn’t reach a broad agreement with content providers to broadcast the Pac-12 network. The University presidents gave him carte blanche on scheduling, so that Fox sports can alter the timing of when games will be played up to about 24 hours in advance. And now, the subscription level has plummeted, and still no deal with Direct TV.

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    1. Not only no deal w/ direct tv, but he went one step further and lost the att uverse acct last year. But he is working on streaming rights to China.

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  5. The racist rightwing social network site Parler, the trumpsters answer to Twitter, has been infected with viruses galore by the same crowd that wrecked Trump’s Tulsa rally.



    1. You brain has been infected with viruses galore that wrecked the CHAZ ZONE!



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