USC and Oregon In Neck-And-Neck Battle

Could it get any closer between USC and Oregon in 247Sports’ team recruiting rankings?

  • Alabama released a powerful video today:

18 thoughts on “USC and Oregon In Neck-And-Neck Battle

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      Pudly pervert used his alias Gabby to fawn all over Helton until one day he did that, but under the screen name pudly…totally giving himself away.

      Fucking straight clowned himself. He is famous for creating aliases in order to give himself likes, that’s how pathetic he is.



      1. Sorry TulsaTrojan aka USC Fan Boy aka senile obama aka Gabby.

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  1. Just a reminder, I was the one who labeled the Oregon Ducks a finesse football team years ago and the term stuck.

    Did so on the old Rivals message board, it went viral and ESPN ran with it.

    Thought you might want to know.


      1. Remember when a democrat invented the internet…. hahahahaha. That guy’s too dumb to be a crash-test dummy. Now I see where his daughter’s booty boy gets his smarts.


  2. And back to football, since you guys brought up “the catch”, here is a great piece, including Sam D and the voice of Tom Kelly.

    Sam managed to curl his body into the corner of the end zone and catch the ball on his knees. Jimmy Jones needed the 300 yard drive, he took the big back swing, and put it right on target. I dont recall where he threw from, but with the end zone adding 10 yards, and the line of scrimmage was the 39, it must have been close to a 60 yard heave, big numbers back in the day. And the ruins still cry about this. I don’t recall Prothro complained about it after seeing the replay.

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  3. I would have thought that wolf would have retired his alias antagonist tball by now. The guy with no school, no identity-he’s not hiding because he doesn’t exist, & no bonafides but unlimited ability to be vulgar. What do wolf & tball have in common?


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  4. USC and Oregon might be in a dead heat in terms of the statistical headline, but the Oregon recruiting class is stronger and barring a very good season for SC, Oregon will finish stronger. Oregon was able to get 2 of the 3 top offensive line recruits, while SC settled for lower ranking athletes. Oregon got 2 of the 3 top receivers in CA and Clemson has the other. Mater Dei has become an Oregon strong-hold.

    It is real crucial that SC has a great season this year. If SC can beat Oregon, that will allow them to flip some of that CA talent back to SC. But if the team gets brutalized by Oregon again, this recruiting battle will shift rapidly to Oregon.


  5. Over at another USC website they list the fastest SC players:
    Kenan Christon 4.3 range
    Dorian Hewett – 4.4 range
    Gary Bryant – 4.46
    Taylor Stuart – 4.32
    Steven Carr – 4.57

    But they missed the following
    Markese Stepp 4.42
    Vavae Malepeai 4.44
    Biton Allen 4.49
    Adonis Otey – 4.56


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