If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

The Pac-12 must have breathed a sigh of relief Thursday when the Big Ten announced if there are fall sports, it will be conference-games only.

The Pac-12 prefers to lead from behind and now has a template if it chooses to play in the fall.

By coincidence, Pac-12 presidents and atheltic directors are meeting today and can discuss how to follow the Big Ten’s decision.

It’s win-win for Clay Helton, who probably won’t face Alabama and might not even have to play Notre Dame. Plus, if there are no fans at games, he can’t get booed.

  • Do you think Alabama is talking to TCU now about replacing USC? Remember how some downplayed Paul Finebaum’s report the Crimson Tide were lining up the Horned Frogs as a replacement for USC just in case?
  • USC announced Thursday that it and men’s golf coach Chris Zambri agreed to “mutually part ways” after 14 seasons. Let’s see, we are in the middle of a pandemic and 19 schools have dropped 57 sports teams. Kind of an odd time for a coach to decide to mutually part ways.
  • USC list time: What Trojan tailbacks have gained the most yards in the NFL?

Marcus Allen, 12,243 yards
O.J. Simpson, 11,235
Reggie Bush, 5,490
Mike Garrett, 5,481
Sam Cunningham, 5,453
Jon Arnett, 3,833
Clarence Davis 3,640
Frank Gifford, 3,609
Justin Fargas, 3,369
Charles White, 3,075
Ricky Bell 3,063

Who is surprised Fargas outgained White?

  • Just a couple follow-ups on Brad Pye, Jr., who died July 5 and was the first recognized African-American sports writer in Southern California. Pye told me several years ago how USC’s first All-American, Brice Taylor, was not even listed in the football media guide until the 1950’s.

Pye said he and statistician Deke Houlgate Sr. started a campaign to recognize Taylor and he was eventually included in the list of USC All-Americans.

  • In 1960, USC became the first Coliseum tenant to allow African-American sports writers in the pressbox and gave Pye a credential. Prior to that, African-American sports writers were given tickets to attend games.

“UCLA made a stink, the Rams didn’t care,” said Don Simonian, the former USC sports information director who made the decision to desegregate the pressbox. UCLA and the Rams were also Coliseum tenants at the time.

“UCLA complained because they didn’t want to give credentials to a weekly newspaper (the L.A. Sentinel). They said they would have to credential every weekly newspaper if they did.”

  • If you want to know why people want USC to rename Cromwell Field, here is an interesting article from the Forward.

Excerpt: “Researching his most recent book, “Hitler in Los Angeles,” a history of Nazi activity in southern California before and during World War II, Ross said he found another post-Olympics account of Cromwell speaking, at the German Day Picnic in Von Hindenburg Park, a section of Crescenta Valley Park in Glendale that had been named for the president of Germany who appointed Hitler as chancellor in 1933. The area had been a site for pro-Nazi rallies.”

37 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

  1. Rest assured, Scott — Even with the most extreme social distancing rules in place —there will be sufficient numbers of fans booing Helton…..

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    1. LMFAO!!!!!

      The “stable genius” Trump was able to identify a camel on his cognitive test.😅

      CBS News…

      Mr. Trump’s latest comments come more than two years after his last reported cognitive assessment test.  In January 2018, the president took a test called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), which is “a cognitive screening test designed to assist Health Professionals in the detection of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease,” according to its website.

      Sample questions from the exam include drawing the hands on a clock, naming pictures of animals and repeating a list of numbers forwards and backwards.

      Oh My Side Hurts From Laughing So Much!😆😆😆😆😆😆


  2. So who will the new golf coach be ? Let me guess, a transgender black with BLM ties ? A women ?

    Why has USC shoved successful coaches out the door but continues to keep the worst coach in their sports department ?

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    1. Budda,

      You forgot it will also be a handicap white guy turned into a black women with has male gential still hanging and he added female gentilia while having hispanic and asian blood in their system. They will go by the name of, “Them”. I am so sick of this Political Crapness.

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  3. Questions for people here.
    Do you really care about sports anymore ?
    Will you watch them if and when they come back ?
    Will the shortened season make the team that wins the ” championship ” a joke ?
    Will players taking a knee during the anthem, holding up a black gloved fist etc make you not watch that sport again ?

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      1. Ha! [As for me, gt, I’ll keep watching USC on the Pac 12 Network….. until it goes bankrupt mid season]……

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      2. If life were a television detective show, Peter Falk as Columbo would be trying to trick Helton into confessing how he managed to get hold of and spread a deadly virus to escape playing Alabama…

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  4. Incredible, Cromwell Field is named after a revered Track Coach who was a bona fide Nazi sympathizer.

    #Sieg Heil Clownsters


    1. Incredible, Cerritos Auto Square Historian Owns breaks the news that Von Hindenberg actually was a Nazi! It good to know all those historians were wrong when they wrote:

      “Paul Von Hindenburg was opposed to Hitler and was a major player in the increasing political instability in the Weimar Republic that ended with Hitler’s rise to power. “

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      1. As usual 22 your simplistic history lesson is FOS. Try to be more specific.

        It’s true von Hindenburg appointed Hitler German Chancellor on Jan. 30/31, 1933, but only because of a conspiracy hatched by Franz von Papen, et al. to seek revenge on Chancellor Kurt von Schleicher, his successor, for his political treachery during von Papen’s term as German Chancellor.

        Hindenburg liked von Papen and disliked his current appointed Chancellor, Army General Kurt von Schleicher.



    2. F*cla didn’t want to let African – Americans in the Press Box at the
      L.A. Coliseum even though Kenny Washington and Jackie Robinson
      were star athletes on the field. What hypocrites along with John ( foul
      mouth ) Wooden. Agree, time to change the T&F name from Cromwell
      Field . Stay with politics please if coming on this site.


      1. s-head aka Grgamel, try reading this again:

        “UCLA complained because they didn’t want to give credentials to a weekly newspaper (the L.A. Sentinel). They said they would have to credential every weekly newspaper if they did.”

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      2. It had nothing to due with the color of his skin. UCLA just didn’t want to give pressbox tickets to every small town newspaper sports reporter.

        “FACT’S MATTER.” ~Dear Pisley.


      3. Ironic that the first time the “small newspaper” doctrine was invoked by UCLA was the same day Pye showed up….

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    1. RIP old man,

      dude, you are starting to become a real ass, oh I forgot, I did menation that you are a walking asshole. Now, you have two guys to pick on. Reminder, your moma needs that massage today. Don’t forget to oil her up real well.

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  5. Golf isn’t a sport it is a leisurely stroll across overly manicured lawn while chasing a white ball (not the one removed by the applicant mentioned above) that someone clubbed into the air. Then as if checking for rodents the clubber is obliged to put the ball into any hole in the lawn. That is truly not a sport (unless you are a sponsor, then you pay to preempt Saturday morning cartoons to show people following the ball).

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    1. Truman,

      I looked up the definition of what, “Sport”, meant in the Webster’s dictionary. Their meaning is, “Hand/eye cordination”. I used to think golf was not a sport until i tried it one time. To do what the pros do is just incredible. You are right, you are not exerting physical excercise like football, track, or biking, but the mental game is very tough. To hit a ball where you want it to go takes a lot of practice and skill. Now, if you want to mention what is not a sport, soccer, is not a sport. It is just kicking the ball around, per Webster’s dictionary.

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      1. Professional sports is played by athletes ( a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise) . Golfers are far from being athletes. Almost anyone with dedicated practice (years) is able to become a great golfer. Golf is form of entertainment and not a sport. I guarantee in a neutral sport like decathlon that the greatest golfers against players in the NFL, NBA, FIFA, MLB, and/or ping pong would lose.


  6. Ladies and gentlemen, 22 now claims I’m a Marxist. Lol!

    Isn’t it Donald J., the bone-spur traitor, the one happily bending over for Putain? Donald J’s favorite song is “Give it to me.”



  7. Pasadenatrojan
    Fuck you you cock sucking faggot. If you don’t like it don’t come on this page bitch!


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