Do USC Kickoff Times Frustrate You?

A reader complained to me today that just two of USC’s six games have kickoff times, making it hard to make plans.

At least not everything has changed in 2020!

  • USC is going to livestream its pre-game show at 7 a.m. on its social media accounts, which will include a look a team warmups, the band, song girls and cheerleaders. Will the band be allowed inside the Coliseum?
  • Samuel Oram-Jones, a walk-on tailback from England, broke his leg during Monday’s practice.

16 thoughts on “Do USC Kickoff Times Frustrate You?

      1. Bless you, 67! I hadn’t thought of it that way! [And I’ll have plenty of time to shower, shave and have a little breakfast before I go out]….

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  1. Kickoff times piss me off when they are late – the dreaded 7:30 PM or 8 PM games. I talked to and HH administrator years ago and he said they were helpful because it allowed other regions of the country to watch USC. He liked giving ESPN control over TV times for the money.

    I called bull on him and told him no people on the East Coast, especially those with no ties to USC, are going to stay in on a Saturday night just to watch USC football, especially when mediocre.

    Having late games and claiming it’s for exposure around the country is contradictory. No one in NYC gives up a fun night in NYC out and about town to watch Gomer on TV at home. That unamed HH administrator is the definition of tone deaf and clueless when it came to fan complaints.


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    1. So true, Marvienna!
      The last time USC FB mattered (2002-8), the networks picked our kickoffs at 7 or 8PM EASTERN time. You knew that every sports bar in AMERICA had Pete Carroll’s Trojans on the center screen.

      That said, until USC has an interesting package to sell, we will continue to get lousy kickoff times. Free-Market forces at play.


    1. Wishing Samuel a speedy recovery, some awesome gym and rehab time, and a fantastic Spring FB experience. Assuming no ligamentous injury in the knee (the cast above is indicative of such), should be 100% by Spring FB!

      Fight On, Samuel!

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  2. It does bother me that teams no longer make their own schedule. It bothers me that the league is so desperate for attention it feels the need to play Pop Warner hours. That the league so concerned for the welfare of its student athletes would schedule games for the sake of the audience over the players. So yes I am bothered by the schedule.

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  3. well…it’s all good since helton is still coach, and the N/C transfer VIA HER FIRING IS still CEO thanks to the recalcitrant bored board…


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