The Daily: Is This Season Foolproof For Clay Helton?

Can you imagine last January telling USC that Alabama, Notre Dame, Oregon and Washington would be removed from its schedule?

A lot of fans think the Pac-12 gives USC short shrift, and in some cases in does, but man did it rig the schedule this season or what?

USC didn’t even have to play well last weekend to beat the best team on its schedule. And Arizona is led by coach (Kevin Sumlin) everyone assumes is on his way out. Then comes Utah, who is just happy to have 53 healthy players.

Did you watch Clemson-Notre Dame? Did you think how USC matched up with either of those teams?

  • Defensive tackle Brandon Pili (broken finger) is out and center Brett Neilon (ankle) is highly doubtful per Clay Helton.
  • Urban Meyer announced he tested positive for COVID-19 but will be back this weekend on Fox Sports. This explains why Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, etc., were off the air.
  • USC was picked to finish sixth in the Pac-12 preseason poll. And freshman Evan Mobley was selected to the Pac-12 All-Conference team.

29 thoughts on “The Daily: Is This Season Foolproof For Clay Helton?

      1. Methane/natty gas is a fine “bridge” fuel to the renewable and/or hydrogen fueled economy. Burn methane and you get water and carbon dioxide.
        Burn coal and you get a shitshow of sulfurific waste.

        Nevertheless, this is a symbolic measure. It just means that San Francisco won’t have any new building built. It has been pleasant to see architecturally beautiful, dense “in fill” in the Tenderloin, south Nob Hill, and along the Mission Bay corridor. Makes walking SF much more enjoyable (pre-COVID).

        This is purely a NIMBY move by SF to slow down housing growth.

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      1. He goes up effortlessly. Looks like a good catch. Hard to believe it has been sufficiently long ago that babies that were named Kobe are now going going to college…

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  1. As long as Dolt is in the way to protect her idea of everyone, “Be nice”, then SC will never have the teams or coaches that we have seen for many years prior to Helton. SC will alwayes be safe as long as Dolt is there.

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  2. As far as SC basketball is concerned, they would have gone to the tournament. It will be a wait and see this year. I do think they are better than Stanford, but they are where they are with an objective opinion from the group who voted.

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  3. Every season has a schedule and those schedules are analyzed for the “trap” game. The one game which shouldn’t be lost, but for reasons such as looking ahead or taking too lightly could throw the team for a loss.
    I have felt that every game under Helton is a trap game. We are trapped by his contract. We are constantly out coached by teams with less talent and we are lucky to even look like a football team. At times we look like the underwater synchronized swimming team that got in the pool without waiting 45 minutes after eating. We are about to cramp up and puke.
    Under Helton we have grown accustomed to seeing the wheels to come off in the first quarter. Even at their worst Smith and Hacket were never as bad as Helton. I never thought I’d say I miss Kiffin, but given USC’s talent and what he’s learned I know Lane would be better than Helton. (Sark will drink to that) With no other past coach did I ever thing there were better teams in the PAC 8-10-12 now we worry about Arizona and Colorado. Helton has made us into the ultimate homecoming opponent. We are all hat and cattle, all wind and no blow, all talent and no coach.
    Is it too early to say Fire Helton?

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  4. And in more bay area news, stanfurd gets hosed by the Pac12 testing officials…what a circus of idiots …

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    1. My biggest concern this year is NOT that we can’t keep our players safe at home….. tip of the hat to Clay and staff for that….. my concern is playing away games …using facilities that aren’t as rigorously monitored as our own….

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      1. Yup this and utah, hopefully we have a plan to protect them away from the Coli. I know they said last week at home they split the players up and half got suited up on campus.

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