Clay Helton On Dodd Trophy Watch List (Really)

USC coach Clay Helton is one of 19 coaches on the midseason watch list for the Dodd Trophy, which “celebrates the head coach of a team who enjoys success on the gridiron, while also stressing the importance of scholarship, leadership and integrity.”

This is 2020. Helton’s only coached two games and is on a watch list.

  • Brandon Pili (finger) and Brett Neilon (ankle) are both possible to play Saturday, Helton said.
  • The Pac-12 will allow teams to play non-conference under certain conditions:

10 thoughts on “Clay Helton On Dodd Trophy Watch List (Really)

  1. Helton? The only watch list he should ever be on is the Hot Seat watch list. Scholarship, leadership and integrity? Let’s see, Jack Jones flunked out, most of the 2016 recruiting class left (leadership?) and integrity? Something is wrong with that picture.

    He lies about everything. How about the current state of affairs? How about Slovis and his arm? He lies about how disciplined his team is (for years), and speaking of discipline, when the discipline on the field is so bad, it means it will transcend to all areas of a student-athlete’s life. He is no role model. And he drops the kids like hot rocks when they are gone. I wouldn’t let
    my son be on his team.

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  2. It is an understandable mix up. Someone is sure to print a correction soon. Helton is not on the Dodd list. He’s on the Dud list. The trophy which goes to the person who’s garnered the least respect while earning the most money. Typically winners of the award have underachieving teams and inexcusable mistakes over a number of years. Helton’s latest quote about putting a quarterback under center has raised his prospect for the Dud trophy. The full quote was, “It’s not where we are at this time…grown men do not put their hands there in public.” Athletic director Bohn gives Helton credit for the unusually high volume of calls, letters, death threats and emails his office has received. “Clay is a perfect Dud,” Bohn said recently. Many of the correspondences have been positive Bohn was heard to say, “Just last Saturday I received a call where the caller shouted he was positive Helton should be fired.” As the Trojans drag slowly toward another bowl game loss at the end of the season the Dud committee will be keeping a close eye on the situation.

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      1. Man’s Stupidity. I believe you were the one. I paraphrase : Two things I am sure of, the infinity of the universe and the stupidity of man. He then said: I am not sure of the former but absolutely sure about the the latter. I hope I am correct in my attribution, if not I apologize, Michael.


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