Onyeka Okongwu Goes To Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks drafted USC forward Onyeka Okongwu with the sixth pick tonight in the NBA Draft.

I really believe as Okongwu flourishes in the NBA, more than USC fans will think, “How did USC only finish tied for third in the Pac-12 with this guy?”

Thanks, Enfield!

25 thoughts on “Onyeka Okongwu Goes To Hawks

    1. Deserves it.
      World-wide, no sport (other than maybe the game with the black and white hexagonal ball) more competitive than hoops. Way to go O-O!

      Regret that we din’t get to give NCAA hoops tournament a try.

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  1. Oingo Boingo will fit right in with the Hawks. He leaves O forever SUCC BB for O forever Atlanta BB.

    I don’t see his upside for Atlanta. A 6’9″ center is a wee bit small for the NBA.


      1. Dear Pisley, remind the blog: Who was the last former SUCC QB to start at SB at QB – win or lose.

        And Dear Pisley, don’t forget the greatest ex-bozo BB player is Reggie Miller’s sister, Cheryl.

        Clown U, training most of Mainland China’s next generation of Intelligence Officers.


      2. Wow owns! After 100 yrs of collegiate competition you managed to come up with 2 things the ruins WERE good at. Hang on to those memories because ….
        They’re gone, gone
        And Nothing’s gonna bring them back..
        By the way, you forgot to answer the question. DID WE PLAY LAST YEAR??

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      3. I think DeMar DeRozan is doing better than just about any UCLA Bruin MBB player at this time. Nicola V is likewise playing at a very high level.

        That said, Jabbar (Alcindor), Wilks, Reggie were all beyond fantastic…in the prior Millenium.

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    1. That statement is off the reservation, even for owns. Reminds me of last year in which he predicted the Sooners would lose to the brubabies, and score under 18 points.

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      1. That’s true ’67, I stuck my neck and predicted UCLA would defeat Oklahoma. UCLA lost but did manage to score a couple of TD’s

        I also prognosticated bozo FB couldn’t beat Alabama with a Panzer Division. And it turned to be true. Clown U failed to score a TD and worse, SUCC down 35 points, kicked a snowflake 48 yard FG to make it Clown U 6 – Alabama 38 – F**k’g LOL.

        Final score: Clown U 6 – Alabama 52.

        Next thing you know bozo FB is scheduling UC Davis for a non-conf. cupcake game.


  2. And 22 is a mega-hickey on that loser/sucker, Donald J’s fat ass.

    #250,000, America CV-19 deaths and climbing. Well as Stalin once quipped: A single death is a tragedy and thousands of dead a statistic.

    As we all know Donald J. has publicly declined responsibility for the American, CV – 19 pandemic disaster.


    1. Remember when OWNS THE SOCIALIST predicted Hiltery would be president, and then lied to us for 4 years about Russian Collusion? Now he defends Detroit poll workers being trained in how to get away with voter fraud. He is a Traitor to America.


      1. Wait just a minute 22, didn’t you predict Adolph J. would win re-election? But Sleepy Joe whipped Daffy J’s ass in a electoral landslide.

        Come Jan. 20, 2021 after Biden’s Inauguration, Daffy J will spent the rest of life in a quicksand of subpoenas, trials and ultimately end locked up in prison.

        Thanks to Daffy J. and his administration of flunkies and stooges US, CV – 19 related deaths have surpassed 250K ; that death rate is accelerating as Daffy J. plays the “I Suck Rag” on Putain’s skin flute.

        Daffy J., mass murderer, US traitor, pathological liar, human POS but not a socialist? LOL!!!


    2. As we well know, your beloved Democrat Loon Governor Cuomo has publicly declined responsibility for the American, CV – 19 pandemic disaster in New York where thousands needlessly died after Red Chinese Flu patients were sent to rest homes instead of the hospital ship and hopsital at the Javitts Center that President Trump had provided. And now he stonewalls on it!https://nypost.com/2020/10/27/ag-cuomo-not-violating-law-delaying-nursing-home-death-data/


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