Morning Buzz: USC Got Double Dose Of Bad News Tuesday

Will USC practice today?

Will it play Colorado on Saturday?

Nothing is certain and contact tracing took place Tuesday to determine if any other players test positive for coronavirus.

With those CFP rankings that came out Tuesday night, it doesn’t matter if USC plays Colorado.

The Pac-12 tried to rig the schedules for USC and Oregon. I wrote when the schedules were being drawn up USC should play Oregon in the opener to create some buzz. At least that would be two ranked teams in the marquee game of the season.

Instead, the Pac-12 wanted to wait until the conference championship to put that game together and by then it won’t nearly be enough to get the Trojans or Ducks into the College Football Playoff.

As usual, the Pac-12 gets it wrong.

21 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Got Double Dose Of Bad News Tuesday

  1. Neither the Trojans nor the Ducks are even close to being ready to be ranked in the CFP top echelon. Both their play has been ugly and they don’t deserve it. I think it was smart for the PAC 12 to let them “play-in” to their game instead of ruining their chances if, by some miraculous intervention, the Trojans looked the part, or the Ducks did. Without a head coaching change at USC, we won’t ever be able to play in the CFP. After five years of the same same, no matter who the assistants are, we won’t get close. Just think if we had played an Alabama in an opener. It would have been ugly. Statistics don’t lie. And numbers don’t lie. We have the players, but not the head coach.

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    1. USC doesn’t have enough players on either line and probably LB right now to be a factor even with a top head coach.

      If Meyer was hired, most of the tubs of goo we have for OL would be told to look elsewhere for their schooling because your services are no longer needed, same for every “coach” on Gomer’s staff.

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      1. I think you are on to something, however this might be Pudly’s area of expertise. The fact that we didn’t approach hiring the most eligible coach on TV may lie in the fact that the cabals which run USC and the team, knew of this election year “pandemic” and thus knew hiring a replacement would be a waste of money. They projected the PAC 12 would be irrelevant because of the usual handwringing and doo-dah they produce. The unknown player ingested Covid in his Gatorade to seal the deal. We will not even make a dent in the final placement of the championship playoff scheme this year.

        In other news the newspaper has become so useless as to be akin to listening to a football game broadcast by a local announcer reading a teletype.

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      2. Urban would look Coaches Helton and Drevno up and down and say, “I’ve heard a lot of negative shit about you two but I can tell you’re two men I could learn from….I want you to stay on & help me grow.”

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      3. The chances of Hugs staying through 2021 just went up now that SC won’t be exposed in the national title playoff. Look for SC to play some high scoring no defense Big 12 team in the Alamo Bowl…

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    2. Agree 100%! You said it perfectly! No team from the Pac12 is good enough or ready at this point, especially SC. I laugh when they keep talking about the possibility of getting in the playoff. I am a huge SC fan for over 50 years, but let’s be realistic, things won’t change until we get a new head coach period!

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      1. ” Scottie’s post could be something owns would have written.”


        BTW, my brother graduated from USC in 67

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      2. We have to forgive Scott, 67 —bloggers can’t be bound by the “no news is good news” rule….
        #…i.e., TheWorstPossibleNews

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      3. BK – your brother was there at a great time. Talk about an offensive line… My ’67 handle is for the first SC game that I saw. My grad date was ’80.

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    3. I don’t think we have the players any longer.
      Our players could take us to a top 10 or 15, but USC talent is not in the top 5-8 tier any longer. The recruiting cupboard is bare.


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  3. In-stinking-credible, the Pac-12 blatantly rig a cupcake FB schedule for Clown U FB so they can easily compete for a CFP berth and they choka, choka, choka choke. Clown U FB is as nationally irrelevant as bozo BB. Oh well, Clown U can always reschedule UC Davis.

    The biggest story this year re: Clown U FB: Leinfart threatens to move out of LA to protest of LA’s restaurant shutdown. What a F**king Fox/SUCC joke.



  4. The whole football season is irrelevant. No team deserves to be elevated to some kind of championship. It is silly, in my judgement, to talk about it in that manner. Just enjoy whatever play there is. Enjoy the games and the process but this crowning doesn’t mean anything or it should not.Let us not water down the meaning of championships. Talking about a hoax, this championship talk any place would be one. Are we so starved that we elevate this process to a level it does not merit. Be safe tomorrow . Keep those relatives, you do not like any way, out of your house.


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