Matt Campbell Showing What Could Be At USC

I wrote a lot about Iowa State coach Matt Campbell last season being the right type of candidate to replace Clay Helton.

Iowa State is one game away from the Big 12 title game after a 23-20 victory over Texas on Friday.

If Mike Bohn prefers Luke Fickell, more power to him.

But imagine if Campbell came in this season. Do you think USC would have looked so sloppy or disorganized in the first three games?

Do you think USC would have gotten a delay of game inside the 5-yard line vs. Arizona?

This is the frustration for the discerning USC fans. It’s not enough to find a silver lining here or there in the first three games with Helton’s new staff.

It’s about realizing how good USC would be with the right man in charge.

25 thoughts on “Matt Campbell Showing What Could Be At USC

  1. “Do you think USC would have gotten a delay of game inside the 5-yard line vs. Arizona?”

    You forgot to mention that the delay of game was right after a timeout.


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    1. “I know I called time– but we’re not going to talk about anything relating to football, boys. I just wanted to say I love you. Okay. I’m glad I got that off my chest. Now get back out there, line up and I’ll call the next play from the sidelines, then countermand my own call, then signal another play and so forth until the clock gets down to zero and we get a delay of game. Okay on three: TEAM!”

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  2. Well under Helton I have come up with some of my best material. What does Campbell to offer?
    Right now USC has become the Thanksgiving day Turkey . They were strutting the yard like the prized Tom hooting and hollering about zero positive tests. Then Helton eased up on restrictions, so one player went out between ten p.m. And five a.m. (A time of day when Covid is known to be active) and ate outside while a worship band sang praises. He has a case that rivals Trumps 3 days in the grave. And the Los Angeles County health lady is just sure the whole team will come down with Rocky mountain spotted fever if we play Colorado on Saturday.
    Can I get an “amen”? (After you mask up and move six feet under)

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  3. Scotty,
    Who did Matt Campbell beat today? Tom Herman, your wonder boy. I am old enough to remember you banging his drum. Campbell has done a solid job with an underdog group, but he’s certainly not won anything yet.

    With that said, sure let’s take him or anyone for that matter. Not Herman though. If we are stuck with a crappy coach, at least the coach we have doesn’t think he’s the second coming of Vince Lombardi.

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      1. I’ll take the job, but only as interim. Also, I get a say on who takes the job. There is a guy on the Fox pre-game that would do nicely.

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  4. Campbell is a Mideast/west guy … solid coach, much better than the garbage SC has had the past decade, but only one guy can handle USC at this team Urbie Meyer !

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      1. Was hoping for this season…but that is looking less and less likely as you note. I wonder how county residents are going to respond to the stay at home order, particularly as it is the holiday. There is going to be a lot of pushback. I wonder if it may get lifted sooner than December 20?

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      2. Exempting protesters is sheer comic genius. What if the players, coaches, and staff all say they are protesters? And the ESPN guys and gals can make the same claim.

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      3. ESPN are protesters – yes – and this is outstanding. We just need to slip in a couple of squads and coaching staffs right behind them while we start a protest at the coli/Rose Bowl.

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