USC-Colorado Game Canceled

Well, this is not exactly a surprise with at least eight USC players quarantined as of today.

The USC-Colorado game is off. The shame is both teams are undefeated in the Pac-12 South. Colorado is expected to play San Diego State instead on Saturday.

So what would a 6-0 season get USC? Not much.

23 thoughts on “USC-Colorado Game Canceled

  1. Nobody should be playing any games against Utah. The state government there is irresponsible for allowing students back in school and being super spreaders throughout the whole state! It is one covid hot bed!

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    1. Totally agree, Diego. Utah is screwed up. It doesn’t matter where we tackled the Utah players — whether it was at home or in Utah, our guys were bound to get infected.

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  2. I think Larry Scott has designated a date in December for make up games. We could STILL play Colorado, win, go to the Pac 12 Championship, win, and go on to play for (and win) the National Championship…..UNLESS….. people like professur1 ruin things.
    You all know the type: people who only think about saving lives and don’t give a hoot about Championships….

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  3. Let me get this straight one guy gets sick. L.A. County makes anyone who had contact with the player must quarantine. So now 8 players are quarantined. Somehow that leaves us without enough scholarship players? Who was the math major? Oh I remember it is Helton. Looks like his math is leading to dodging a real team in the bowl game cycle…
    Okay conspiracy theory started. Now all we gotta do is prove it to Bohn.
    Otherwise get well Trojans

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    1. What is Helton’s philosophy (in games, in practices, in interviews)? “You can’t be too careful.”

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    2. It was the Offensive Line Position Group that that either got sick or got caught up in contact tracing. You can’t play w/o any of your offensive line. I’m not going to make some pithy comment about how you’re dumb but please workshop in your head how any high level football game could be played w/ one team not having any of their OL. Your putting so many different players at risk of injury if you tried to pull it off.

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      1. Playing without an offensive line? No big deal we’ve been doing it since Helton was hired. But really it wasn’t that long ago that teams stayed on the field the whole game. They were offense and defense with very few replacement players.

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